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100 Cotton Socks - Choosing 100% Cotton Socks - When to Wear 100% Cotton Socks

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100% cotton socks are the world’s default socks. Cotton is the most popular and most used fabric for making socks largely because it is inexpensive and extremely comfortable. For many people, no other types of socks exist besides 100% cotton socks. They are used by many for every possible situation and with every combination of clothing. However, experts in footwear suggest that there is a right and wrong time to wear cotton socks.

Cotton socks can range in both price and style. Some types of 100% cotton socks can be found for only $1 per pair. Other types of cotton socks, especially 100% organic cotton socks can be closer to $10 per pair. Designer socks and socks made by prominent sports companies will, of course, have a premium attached to them. The basic pair of cotton socks comes in three main cuts: the ankle sock, the crew sock, and the knee sock. Casual cotton socks come in three basic colors: white, black, and gray. More formal or designer socks of 100% cotton can be of any color, with tans, browns, and green patterns being extremely popular. As previously stated, however, even though there is such a range and variety of cotton socks they are not always the best choice.

When to Wear 100% Cotton Socks

100% cotton socks are very popular and have many benefits. Some of the benefits include the following:

• Cotton socks can be very inexpensive. This has been one of the major reasons for their popularity. Not everyone has the disposable income to buy the most technologically advanced socks made from the newest space-age materials.
• 100% cotton socks are very comfortable and warm when you are lounging around home or in a state of low physical activity.
• Cotton is easy to dye, so cotton socks come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.
• Cotton is all-natural and biodegradable. It is a favorite fabric of environmentalists, who have recently one-upped themselves by going with 100% organic cotton socks and clothing.
• Cotton is hypoallergenic. Many people are sensitive to synthetic fibers, but cotton is very rarely irritating.
• 100% cotton socks are beneficial when not wearing shoes because they absorb moisture from the body and it evaporates from the socks.

Because of the attributes and benefits of cotton socks, they are best worn in times of leisure, light work, or when not wearing shoes.

When Not to Wear 100% Cotton Socks

100% cotton socks should not be worn during any form of strenuous physical activity or exercise. They should also not be worn with boots or other severely restrictive or non-breathable footwear. Here are some of the detriments to wearing 100% cotton socks:

• Cotton absorbs moisture. If this moisture cannot be released through evaporation, such as when wearing non-breathable, restrictive shoes, it keeps the feet wet. When feet are wet, it causes bacteria to multiply. These bacteria create what is known as foot odor or foot stench. Fungus also grows in moisture-rich environments. Some fungus, such as the type that causes athlete’s foot can grow and spread easily on wet feet.
• Feet trapped in wet 100% cotton socks are more prone to blister than dry feet or feet in synthetic blends that wick away moisture without absorbing it.
• Socks made of 100% cotton can rub on the ankles and the back of the heel, creating open sores during strenuous activity.
• 100% cotton socks can cause static buildup in dry climates. This is not as harmful as it is just a nuisance.

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over 1 year ago

i gotta say this is false.
I have found zero 100% cotton socks in any department store. to say that 100% cotton socks are the most used of any other is an absolute lie. every sock company posts on the package that they have COTTON SOCKS however when you look on the back they are usually 85% cotton or less with the remaining % of nylon or some other synthetic material. and if you can find 100% cotton sock for $1 per pair please let me know. I certainly havent found it.