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Dsl Phone Service - All about DSL Phone Service - Pros and Cons of DSL Phone Service

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DSL is one of the two most popular forms of high-speed internet, or broadband internet, in the United States. DSL stands for digital subscriber line) and the service is carried through standard phone lines much like dial-up internet service, but with several key advantages. DSL works by making use of the vast amount of bandwidth available on a standard copper phone line. Voice calls and fax machines use very little of the available electrical transfer capacity of the line. DSL uses this extra space by reserving it for incoming and outgoing internet data streams. At the same time, the capacity needed for voice calls and faxing is also retained, making it possible to send and receive phone calls while being connected to the internet.

Some companies require packages of DSL with phone service. Lately, in order to keep up with cable internet, DSL without phone service has been offered. DSL service can be ordered in one of several different packages. It has long been an issue for some internet users that DSL cannot match the speed of cable internet. For this reason, DSL has lowered prices and begun to cater to those who are only light internet users that may otherwise not have subscribed with a broadband service. Some phone companies have recently spent millions of dollars upgrading their system to be able to offer internet speeds comparable with cable internet, so a wide selection of packages are available in select areas.

Pros and Cons of DSL Phone Service

DSL phone service has several benefits over dial-up internet phone service, and it stands head-to-head with cable TV broadband internet, its biggest competitor. The benefits of DSL and cable over dial-up service are very similar. They both offer an internet connection that is always on. Both allow phone calls to be made at the same time as using the internet, and both offer speeds of up to 5000 times faster than dial-up. The real pros and cons of DSL broadband are in comparison with cable broadband. Here are the main pros and cons:


DSL phone service generally costs less than cable internet service.
DSL speeds are more consistent than cable speeds.
• Dial-up service is available if the DSL connection is down or if traveling through the U.S. or Canada.
DSL service has greater uptime than cable service.


DSL service is dependent on the quality of the phone lines and the distance to the telephone relay station.
• Top DSL speeds are less than top speeds for cable internet.

The Top DSL Phone Service Providers

DSL phone service is usually limited by your area. There is seldom much of a choice, if any choice at all. It is provided by local telephone companies who control the telephone lines. That being said, some DSL providers are better than others, but getting their service can be a matter of luck. Here are the top DSL phone service internet providers:

Verizon – Verizon DSL has 99.9% network reliability and a large customer base to prove it – over 100 million subscribers. Features include up to 9 email accounts with 4GB of storage, free mobile phone access to email, and unlimited usage. Verizon also offers free modems and free wireless routers. Plans are as follows:

• Starter – 1 Mbps down, 384 Kbps up, $19.99/month with phone, $29.99/month without phone.
• Power – 3 Mbps down, 768 Kbps up, $29.99/month with phone, $34.99/month without phone.
• Turbo – 7.1 Mbps down, 768 Kbps up, $39.99/month with or without phone.

AT&T – AT&T Fast Access DSL offers several key benefits including free modem or wireless gateway, low prices, and a $100 AT&T service card for switching from cable. They also provide up to 11 email accounts with up to 500 MB storage on each account. Here are the AT&T plans available:

• Lite – 768 Kbps down, 128 Kbps up, $19.95/month.
• Ultra – 1.5 Mbps down, 256 Kbps up, $32.95/month.
• Xtreme – 3 Mbps down, 384 Kbps up, $37.95/month.
• Xtreme 6.0 – 6 Mbps down, 512 Kbps up, $42.95/month.

Qwest – Qwest DSL phone service has some of the fastest speeds in the United States. Features include up to 11 email accounts with 5 GB storage, 25 GB file storage, online backup protection, and free Wi-Fi. Plans are as follows:

• 1.5 – 1.5 Mbps down, 896 Kbps up, $30/month with phone, $40/month without phone.
• 7 – 7 Mbps down, 896 Kbps up, $35/month with phone, $45/month without phone.
• 12 – 12 Mbps down, 896 Kbps up, $40/month with phone, $50/month without phone.
• 20 – 20 Mbps down, 896 Kbps up, $50/month with phone, $60/month without phone.
• 40 – 40 Mbps down, 896 Kbps up, $80/month with phone, $90/month without phone.

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