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Outdoor Porch Furniture - Outdoor Porch Furniture Buying Guide

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Building a new porch suitable for dining or lounging can add a lot of value to both the home and to your leisure time. Building the porch, though, is only the beginning. It does not do much good without the proper furnishings. When you go to look for outdoor porch furniture, you will not find a very wide selection specifically made for the purpose. For the most part, you will be looking at furniture designed for any outdoors setting or for patios. All of these types of furniture are interchangeable except for that very small selection that is designed to hang from the rafters of a porch or a gazebo.

There is more to choosing outdoor porch furniture than by how it looks. Several other factors will contribute to your making the best possible selection. By following this simple buying guide for outdoor porch furniture, you will avoid all of the possible pitfalls except, perhaps, for style.

Your choice in outdoor porch furniture should begin by considering your local weather. This will determine which materials are best for the furniture. For instance, if you live near the ocean, the salty air can cause wrought iron to rust quickly. If wind is the most prominent feature of the weather, you may find yourself chasing your wicker or aluminum furniture across the lawn. Pine and soft woods deteriorate quickly in humid or rainy conditions. If your porch is exposed to the sun, some plastics and metals can quickly heat to unbearable.

The next consideration in buying outdoor porch furniture is space. You should take exact measurements of the space where you want to put the furniture. You must consider the basic principles of personal space needed for chairs and for traffic flow. This means in considering the size of a table, you must allow an extra 2 to 3 feet for chair space and add another 2 to 3 feet if people are expected to walk behind or around the chairs. Space will also determine the exact pieces of furniture you can use. Narrow porches are best served by a bar set. Stools instead of regular chairs can also save valuable space. Medium-sized porches benefit from café tables, while full-size dining sets can be used on large porches.

Comfort should be a factor for any furniture purchase, whether it is for outdoor porch furniture or not. Comfort will depend on personal preference and how the furniture is to be used. Occasional use porch furniture does not have to be plush, but if you plan on spending several hours each day on the porch, then some padding may be in order. When choosing padding, pillows, or cushions, again material is very important. You will want specialty outdoor fabrics that have been designed to resist moisture and fungal growth. Many outdoor fabrics are also resistant to fading so they can stay looking good past the first season. No matter the fabric or the weather, you should have a storage space for cushions and pillows. They will last a lot longer when they are taken out only when meant to be used.

The last factor to consider in purchasing outdoor porch furniture is your budget. If money is no object, by all means, buy the most durable and expensive hard woods or designer furniture. For most, however, budget is of primary concern. To save money, look for Independence Day sales in the middle of the summer. Another great time to buy outdoor porch furniture is in late August or early autumn. Closeout sales will begin at this time. Avoid buying outdoor furniture in the spring when it is full price. Also, you can look for less expensive materials such as resins and soft woods.

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