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Domain Name Ecommerce Web Hosting - How to Choose a Domain Name Ecommerce Web Hosting Service - What to Look for in Domain Name Ecommerce Web Hosting

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Although ecommerce is a legitimate way for businesses to operate in the modern world, all but the largest online businesses can afford to host their business website on a private, in-house server. Webhosting can be expensive and labor-intensive when problems arise on a server that you own and are responsible for maintaining. For this reason, most small to medium-sized businesses hire a service for their domain ecommerce hosting.

There are literally hundreds of business domain hosting services from which to choose for your business. Some of these services operate a legitimate domain name ecommerce web hosting service that is both reliable and affordable. Many of these services, however, are just out to take your money, and they will leave you with a website that is less than desirable. Choosing the wrong domain ecommerce hosting company can destroy your business and send it into red-ink zones from which it may never emerge. That is why you need to go into the selection armed with the knowledge of what it is you require.

The following guidelines will help you choose the domain name ecommerce web hosting service that is right for you and your business, and hopefully, the choice will be reflected on your monthly income statement.

What to Look for in Domain Name Ecommerce Web Hosting


Your site must be prepared to meet the needs of expected traffic to the website and then some. You should factor in extra bandwidth so you have a little growing room. If you do not have enough bandwidth, a bottle-neck situation will occur as people line up to send and receive packets of data to and from your website. What this means to customers is that low bandwidth equals lag time and unresponsive service. No one wants to wait two minutes for a link to open or to send their information through for a purchase. To make sure your domain ecommerce hosting provider has enough bandwidth, they should be operating on no less than a T3 commercial internet connection, and even this is not enough. Once you find out the type of connection they are using, you must discover the demand being put on the bandwidth due to current activity.

Upstream Servers

Many companies offering business domain hosting are actually many times removed from the internet’s backbone. They push data upstream to a larger company with bigger servers, and in turn, the bigger company may push data upstream to another company before it ever reaches the internet backbone. The more hops your data makes through different servers along the stream, the more chances there are that something will go wrong. Find a service close to the backbone.


It is important to get accurate statistics about the server uptime. Every second that your website is not available, you are losing customers. Many services advertise 99.9% uptime, but even that is not enough. Your business is more important than that. You should only be working with a company that can guarantee you domain name ecommerce web hosting with 99.99% uptime.

Web Space

Disk space determines how many and what types of web pages you can have available to the public. Many services will offer unlimited web space. These deals are advantageous for businesses with large product catalogs or services that host downloadable files.


Security is a big concern for internet businesses and you should take it seriously. You do not want your data to be compromised, and even worse, the data of your customers. All it takes is one credit card hacker to destroy your company’s reputation.

Integrated Services

The integrated services you require largely depends on the software and code you use on your website. Web designers can custom design features for you that integrates directly with the host’s server. Many companies, however, prefer to use pre-existing platforms for aspects of the website such as the shopping cart, credit card merchant services, and product databases. Some business domain hosting services already have partnerships with reliable platforms, and they are passed on to you either as part of your monthly cost, or at a discounted price. Check what platforms are offered and if there are any issues with integrating third-party platforms you may require.


Cost will vary depending on your personal needs in a website and how much business you do online. Most small and medium-sized businesses can get by on $100 per month or less. Never take the first deal you get offered. Shop around to make sure the price you are quoted is fair.

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