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Dublin Hotel Reservations - Hotels and Reservations in Dublin, Ireland - Dublin Hotels, Dublin Hotel Reservations

Dublin Hotel Information

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Any visitor to the Emerald Isle is surely going to want to spend a least some of the time in the capital city of Dublin. St. Stephens Green and nearby Trinity College, in the heart of Dublin, are must see attractions while in the city. From historic Dublin Castle to the Guiness Storehouse and Brewery, along with a host of other attractions, Dublin has something to offer everyone. While the hotels has hundreds of hotels and inns, it is important for visitors, especially those visiting from America, to research their hotel in Dublin before making any reservations.

Dublin Hotels

With many hotels in the city, any visitor to the city is sure to find what they are looking for in Dublin. Some of the more popular high-end hotels in Dublin are the Wingate Hibernian Hotel and the Brooks Hotel. Located within walking distance of Dublin Castle, these hotels are in the heart of central Dublin. Those looking for a unique Dublin experience might also want to consider the Clontarf Castle hotel. This castle on the north side of the city has been redesigned as a modern luxury hotel. The rates at both of these hotels are on the high end, however, so they might be out of the price range of many visitors to Dublin.

For those looking for a more moderately priced but distinctively Irish hotel in the heart of Dublin, the Central Hotel is a good option. Also within walking distance of Trinity College and other area attractions, this hotel was built in 1887 and still retains 19th century Irish charm without sacrificing modern convenience.

Dublin Hotel Reservations

Apart from the few hotels listed above, Dublin offers hundreds of other hotels, along with bed & breakfasts, guesthouses, and hostels. The official city of Dublin visitor’s website provides several suggestions for making Dublin hotel reservations. First, the website itself provides links to many types of hotels and other accommodations. If you are in the city and looking for a hotel reservation, Dublin Tourism has installed touch screens through the city that provide free access to the website as well, so online reservations do not necessarily have to be made before arriving (although this is highly suggested!).

There is also a telephone reservation service offered through the Tourism Development Authority called Gulliver. The number for this service is 1800 363 626 in Ireland and from other countries it is +353 66 979 2082 (when dialing an Ireland number, you will need to add 00 to the front of the number).

In addition to these suggestions, common travel websites such as Hotels.com or Priceline.com are usually good places to look. Many of the major hotels in Dublin can be found on these sites. If, however, you a looking for a bed and breakfast or smaller niche hotel, then the options listed above would be a better place to start.

For those looking for other hotels, Dublin, Ireland has much to offer. Those who are lucky enough to visit Dublin have many hotels to choose from, and should have little trouble finding a hotel that suits their needs.

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