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Find E Mail Address - Building an E-Mail Marketing List - Strategies to Find E-Mail Addresses

Finding E-Mail Addresses for Your Business

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In today’s technological world, one of the most important ways for small business owners to advertise is through a list of potential customers’ email addresses. Finding email addresses, however, is sometimes easier said than done. The question for many small business owners is, therefore, how to search for email addresses and build a marketing list.

Strategies to Find E-Mail Addresses

The easiest and possibly most effective way to build an e mail marketing list is by putting a sign-up form on your company’s website. This form should be on the front page of the website near the top. If you have any other contact forms on your site or offer online shopping, customers should also be given the option of being added to your mailing list. When you add people to your list this way, then it is usually a good practice to give a privacy guarantee. That is, people are more likely to add their email address to your list if they are assured that you will not share it with a third-party. Another incentive that might get more people to add their email addresses to your list is to offer a prize or product giveaway. The prize should be something of substance — a cheap prize won’t get too many people interested — and should be a product or service that your business offers. The long-term business generated by the email addresses you collect will almost certainly pay for the price of the prize.

Apart from emails collected through your website, you should also include a space for email addresses on any paper order forms, sign-up sheets, and other correspondence you have with customers.

Although many people may prefer to be contacted only by those companies that they contact first, there are several companies that online that sell email address lists. Sites like EmailPoint.com sell email lists or will generate email lists for you based on your preferences. While these services might be questionable to some, there is little doubt that they can generate new clients for your business.

Whether you choose to collect email addresses from customers or purchase email lists, it is important that you comply with the government’s standards in the CAN-SPAM act. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to $16,000, so the guidelines are important to follow. In general, the act requires that business do not use false information in the To, From, or Subject lines, that the message be clearly identified as an advertisement, that the message must include a physical address, and that the message must include information about being removed from you email list (and that these requests be honored). For more information, see the website.

With such a properly designed and maintained email marketing list, you will be able to quickly and easily advertise services and special offers, and it will increase the profile of your business. By following the strategies listed above while complying with the federal guidelines, you will be well on your way to increasing your business through an email marketing list.

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