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Folsom Homes For Sale - Folsom Homes for Sale - Folsom Characteristics and Area, Finding Real Estate in Folsom

Finding Real Estate in Folsom, California

lake natoma city district

Although it is best known for its prison and the Johnny Cash tune, “Folsom Prison Blues,” the town of Folsom, California is located in an attractive part of central California and has much to offer residents and visitors. While visitors might be interested in the Folsom Prison Museum, nearby Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma and their attractions offer plenty of the outdoor activities commonly associated with northern California. Folsom was ranked number 34 of CNN’s 100 best places to live in 2006, and for good reason. The beauty of the area, coupled with the relative affordability of the area given the recent drop in housing prices, might lead some visitors to start looking for Folsom homes for sale.

Folsom Characteristics and Area

The city of Folsom is about 20 miles northeast of downtown Sacramento. It has a population of about 72,000 and a median household income of about $87,500 and a median household income for families of about $109,000. The headquarters of the technology company Intel is also located in Folsom. The northern border of the city is the 18,000 gallon Folsom Lake, and the city is bisected by Lake Natoma, which is actually a part of the American River. Both of these bodies of water are popular among both tourists and locals, and, as would be expected, real estate along the water is more desirable and therefore more expensive than other parts of town.

The city is also within driving distance of both San Francisco (110 miles to the east) and Lake Tahoe (85 miles to the west). It is nearby the Sierra mountains and is close by several wineries, apple orchards, and ski resorts.

Finding Real Estate in Folsom

The median home price in Folsom in 2009 was about $440,000, but prices can vary quite widely in the city. As mentioned above, the most desirable areas of Folsom are along the lake fronts. In particular, with activities in Folsom’s historic district year around, this neighborhood on the southeast shore of Lake Natoma, is a desirable location for both families and single adults. Another desirable area of Folsom is the American River Canyon district. Located a little further from central Folsom, most of the homes in this area are custom built newer houses. With its proximately to Folsom Lake, Lake Natoma, and the Historic Truss Bridge, this neighborhood is ideal for nature lovers. For those who are looking for a little more affordable housing, Folsom’s central district is a good place to look. Though still close to the historic district and Lake Natoma, some of the homes in this area are smaller bungalows.

For those seaching for Folsom homes for sale on the internet, a site like Realtor.com or any of the large real estate company websites are good places to start. These websites will help you get a general idea of the types of homes and the locations that are available in your price range. Although these websites often provide links to local realtors, other local sites such as MyFolsom.com can also connect you with a local real estate agent.

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