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Frederick Homes For Sale - Frederick Maryland Homes - Frederick Features and Areas, Finding Frederick Homes for Sale

Frederick Homes for Sale

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Located on the far western edge of the Washington D.C.-Baltimore, Maryland metropolitan area, Frederick, Maryland has a population of about 59,000. It is the county seat of Frederick County. For those who work in Washington or Baltimore and want to live in a smaller town but don’t mind the commute, finding a home in Frederick might be a good option. Also, Frederick has several other businesses, including BP Solar. Those who are looking for Frederick homes for sale will have several options available to them.

Frederick Features and Areas

With a history dating back to 1745, Frederick has much to offer both visitors and residents. Armies fighting in the French and Indian, Revolutionary, and American Civil Wars have all passed through the town, so the history buff will find plenty of attractions in the area. Outdoor lovers will find plenty of activities at nearby Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center or Gambrill State Park.

According to the most recent data available (1999), the median household income in Frederick is $47,700, and the median income per family is $56,778. The average price for a home was $234,478 in May 2010.

When considering where to live in Frederick, buyers will first need to consider whether they want to live the city of Frederick or a nearby area in Frederick county. The city itself has many options, including a historic district with large manor homes, and several moderately priced areas. From centuries-old colonial homes to newer single families homes and condos, the city of Frederick has a wealth of choices.

For those who want to live in the greater Frederick area but would like more land, several smaller communities nearby offer a host of options. New Market, on the east side of Frederick, is a historic community that is over 300 years old. Northwest of the city is Lake Linganore. Here, water front and lake-access homes are available. Some of the more expensive real estate in Frederick county can be found near Lake Linganore, but a number of real estate options at several price levels are available close to the lake.

Another option for those looking for homes in Frederick is to consider a hobby farm. With many small farms available throughout the county, Frederick’s annual rainfall and climate make it ideal for many types of farming.

Finding Frederick Homes for Sale

Once you’ve determined the type of home you’d like and have a general idea of some of the Frederick area locations you might be interested in, then it is important to get in touch with a local Realtor. While nation-wide sites like Realtor.com/ and others will be helpful in getting a general idea of price ranges in certain locations, nothing can replace the knowledge and help of a local real estate agent. In addition to talking to any local contacts you might have, a site like FrederickRealEstate.com can help you find a local Realtor in Frederick.

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