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Free Site Hosting - Free Website Hosting - Free Site Hosting Companies, Advantages to Free Site Hosting

Options for Free Site Hosting

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When establishing a web site, many companies have to rent out space from a web hosting company. However, with many web site hosting companies now in existence, it is not difficult to find rather inexpensive web site hosting. However, for those who are looking to find reliable free site hosting, the options are more limited. It is especially difficult to find free hosting for anything but the most basic of websites. While there is no doubt that the most advanced hosting is only available for a monthly fee, there are several companies with reliable and attractive options for free host websites.

Free Site Hosting Companies

As with most products on the internet, the best way to search for and evaluate free website hosting companies is by finding a site with third party reviews. One such website with many free web hosting options is at the FreeSite.com. While this site gives many options for free website hosting, a few companies stand out as the best.

One of the most reliable options for free website hosting is Zero Catch. Along with some pay options, this site offers free hosting with 100 MB of Web Space and 1200 MB of transfers per month. However, there are no features such as email or customer support, and there is a daily bandwidth limit of 40 MB. If you are looking for a little more memory space and transfer capabilities, then Black Apple Host might be a good option. With 5 GB of disk space and 20 GB of bandwidth allowed, this is one of the largest memory packages available among free hosting companies. Another site with higher than normal disk space is YourFreeHosting.net. This site offers 5 GB of space and 50 GB of data transfer. Many other options are available from free web hosting companies, and it is not difficult to find a site with basic features such as those listed above.

Advantages to Free Site Hosting

The most obvious and biggest advantage to using a free web hosting company is the price. For those who do not need any advanced features and just want to launch a basic website, then a free hosting company is a great option. Another advantage to free hosting companies is that they are often very user friendly. Since many of their customers are new to the internet, many of these companies have simple user-friendly programs in place for setting up a website.

Disadvantages to Free Site Hosting

One of the bigger disadvantages of free hosting companies is that when you use them, they will almost always put advertisements on your website. While these are usually unobtrusive, they can sometimes be an annoyance, especially if you are launching a website for a small business. The other disadvantage of free web hosting has been mentioned above. These include the lack of advanced features. One disadvantage that could be especially troublesome to small business owners is that most of these companies do not allow you to link an email address to your website. For that reason alone, a small business owner might be advised to consider a low-priced hosting plan rather than a free one.

For those who want to launch a basic website, there are many free hosting options available. Even some small business owners who want an online presence but do not require advanced features on their website should be able to find an online web hosting company that meets their needs.

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