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Free Virus Protector - Free Virus Protector - Best Options for Free Virus Protectors

Free Virus Protection Software

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For PC users, the threat of a virus infecting their computer is always present. Malicious software (“malware”) and viruses seem to turn up without warning in many computers, and any PC that connects to the internet is sure to be a target for such programs. It is important to find a reliable virus protection program because along with the headaches that having malware on your computer might cause, many spyware programs could reveal your financial information and other programs may install illegal material or images on your computer.

While there are many options available for protecting your computer for these programs, many of them are $40 or more. There are, however, several reliable options for free virus protection software, and any PC user looking for a free virus protector for his or her home computer has many options available.

Best Options for Free Virus Protectors

PC users have several options available for free virus protection. Some of the best and most reliable options are listed below.

Avast Home Edition provides free virus protection and is regularly updated. It is one of the highest rated and most downloaded virus protection programs at Cnet.com. It is able to scan viruses on the computer along with emails and web pages for potential hazards.

Avira Anti-Vir Personal Edition is another one of the best free anti-virus software programs available for the PC. While it has a very high quality virus scanning capability, the free version of the software does not have the option of scanning emails and internet sites for viruses. These features are available with the premium edition of this program.

PC users who have a validated copy of Windows can also use the Microsoft Security Essentials program for free. This program provides regular scans and virus monitoring without requiring much user interaction (apart from verifying the Windows program). It is also highly regarded for a low number of false positives on files that are not actually viruses.

NOD 32 is another reliable program that provides virus protection software free. This program allows you to scan for viruses on your computer, e-mail, and any web pages you might visit while you continue to work on other programs.

Another frequently downloaded program at Cnet.com is the AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. Although the company also offers a premium version with more features, the free version offers virus protection and has an option for setting up regular virus scans. While this program has been popular for several years, it has not been updated or expanded quite as often as most of the others listed above, so it may not be as good of an option as it once was.

Most of these free programs also have premium editions available, and many of the premium editions have two week or 30 day trials as well, so it is possible to experiment with different programs and levels to find the best virus protection software for your needs.

With so many reliable virus protection software programs now available for free, PC users should have little difficulty finding and using a program to protect their computer and files from malicious software.

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