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Whitney Auto Parts - All about Whitney Auto Parts - The Guarantee, Price matching, Wide Selection, Customer service, Newly designed website

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Whitney Auto Parts is one of the oldest catalog auto parts retail companies in the United States, and it sells auto parts directly to consumers. Whitney Auto Parts has been around since 1915, and today the company operates heavily on the internet. Many people who fix their own cars trust Whitney Auto Parts to deliver them dependable parts for their vehicles at a fair price.

The Guarantee

One thing customers especially appreciate about Whitney Auto Parts is the one-year guarantee. This type of guarantee is virtually unheard of when it comes to auto parts, and customers will rarely get this type of guarantee through an auto parts store or car shop. The one-year guarantee allows customers to return the parts for any reason if they are unhappy with the part. Also there are not restocking fees, which really make this guarantee a great deal.

Price matching

Another thing customers especially appreciate about Whitney Auto Parts is the fact that the company will match the prices of their competitors. This means that customers who do find a lower price somewhere else can get that lower price from Whitney. However, the company does claim that many of their prices are more than 50 percent lower than the prices at other retailers. Customers who purchased parts from Whitney Auto Parts say that they felt the value of the parts they purchased was great. Most of these same customers said they would definitely purchase from Whitney Auto Parts again.

Wide Selection

Whitney Auto Parts also has one of the largest selections of auto parts available. Customers who reviewed the company say that they really appreciate being able to find parts that most other auto part retailers just do not carry.

Customer service

The one bad thing customers of Whitney Auto Parts have to say about the company has to do with customer service. However, much of this problem can be traced to individual sales people rather than the company as a whole. Also other customers say that the service was excellent, so consumers should not let one bad experience with the customer service of Whitney scare them off.

Newly designed website

Another thing that should be noted about Whitney Auto Parts is that the company recently redesigned its website. Many customers who are not sure what they need or who are looking for ways to customize their vehicles will find it helpful to enter in the make and model of their vehicle. This will allow the website to find possible parts and accessories that can really add to their vehicle. Also the company has expanded its selection of tires and wheels, and replacement parts for many vehicles. Additionally, Whitney Auto Parts offers vehicle-specific email newsletters for people who really enjoy their cars and love spending a lot of time customizing them and changing them up frequently. Also customers will find complete installation guides for the parts they are ordering, which will really help them as they try to fix their vehicle up on their own.

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