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Washington Dc Attorneys - Searching for Washington, D.C. Attorneys - Bankruptcy attorneys, Family law attorneys, Criminal attorneys

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Sorting through all the Washington, D.C. attorneys that offer services is a big job. There are so many Washington, D.C. attorneys that it is very difficult to know which ones are the best ones. However, reading reviews and checking out the attorneys’ websites can reveal a lot about their character and their experience. Finding the right lawyer can make the difference between winning or losing a case. Sometimes the situation that has left you to require an attorney can seem so overwhelming that it is impossible to know where to turn to. However, we have collected a list of some of the best Washington, D.C. attorneys in some of the most popular types of law. The three most common areas of law required by the average citizen are bankruptcy, family law, and criminal law.

Bankruptcy attorneys

One of the best bankruptcy attorneys in the Washington, D.C. area is Paul Pearlstein. His firm practices everything from bankruptcy to probate law, and clients say they feel like he really cares about their cases. Pearlstein has been practicing law since 1962, so he has plenty of experience when it comes to bankruptcy cases.

Another great full service bankruptcy law firm in the Washington D.C. area is Ammerman Goldberg. This firm is considered to be both a bankruptcy and debt relief firm, which means they can help you find debt relief solutions besides bankruptcy. They also offer tips on ways to improve your credit and repair it after filing for bankruptcy.

Family law attorneys

Another common area of law in which people often need Washington, D.C. attorneys is family law. Family law covers adoptions, divorces, and any other major life changes for families. One of the best Washington, D.C. attorneys in the area of family law is Kenneth Annis. He is a graduate of Harvard and Georgetown Law School, and he established his law practice in 1974. In addition to family law, Annis also provides other general law services like injury or accident law and wrongful death suits.

Another good law firm for family law is Kuder, Smollar, and Friedman. This law firm has been around for more than 100 years, and the Washington, D.C. attorneys at the firm represent a high level of experience. These attorneys specialize in divorces, child custody, and prenuptial agreements.

Criminal attorneys

Another very common area people need Washington, D.C. attorneys for is criminal law. McAdoo, Gordon, and Associates is one law firm that specializes in all kinds of criminal defense, including white collar cases. The firm also specializes in the rights of federal employees, which is extremely important in Washington, D.C.

Joel Anders also practices criminal law in addition to family law. Anders has more than 30 years of trial experience, which is very beneficial for anyone who needs a criminal lawyer. The more experience a criminal lawyer has, the more likely you will be able to get the defense you deserve.

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