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Free Asp Net Hosting - Quick Guide to Free ASP Net Hosting - Basics on Free ASP.net Hosting, ASP Net Hosting Free Providers

catch brinkster service money

When you are looking for free web hosting with ASP (ASP.net) support, you might be surprised at the amount of options available to you. You can create good quality web pages for no money whatsoever. But in truth, nothing is ever completely free, even if it does not cost money. All the options you can find for free hosting have some catch, because after all, it is not free to run a hosting company. Some companies simply use implanted advertising to glean some money from your site. Another possible scenario is the “pseudo-free trial” or “demo” version, where you are able to create free web pages with no ads, but you are not able to access a lot of features that many web page designers will want to use, such as audio/video uploads. They get you invested in their hosting platform by letting you use their basic software for free, but then gently (or not-so-gently) nudge you towards upgrading to the paid version.

Other limitations could include low traffic allowances, low file size limits, hosting company subdomains (www.yoursitename.yourhostname.com), etc. When choosing a free hosting company, it is important to note all of these limitations. Failure to do so could diminish your site’s future potential.

Have a look at some of the top free ASP.net hosting providers below.

ASP Net Hosting Free Providers

Brinkster offers free hosting packages for personal, professional, and developer use. It comes with online support, a free website builder, and their online Brinkster control panel.
The Catch: Brinkster comes with varying limitations on each type of free package, but they all come down to limitations on daily and monthly traffic, no audio/video uploading or any kind of off-site (FTP) loading, and a 1MB limit on file upload size. You also must use a Brinkster subdomain, e.g. www.yoursite.brinkster.net.

DiscountASP will let you get a sense of the full cutting-edge of ASP.net hosting. They give you full 4.0 hosting, lots of disk space, high bandwidth, and many other options.
The Catch: DiscountASP is just that – discounted, not free. The reason they are listed in this guide is because they offer many packages where you receive 3- to 6-months free with subscription plans. While their service still is not completely free, sometimes the cost of spending a little money can beat out the cost of wrangling with low service limits and other catches.

ASP Spider offers free ASP.NET 4.0 web hosting with SQL Server 2008 Express. They also provide some support via community forums and a help section that lists answers to common questions. You can also use your own domain name with the service.
The Catch: They use a lot of ads on their own site to generate income, which can be distracting. (But they do not require you to put ads on yours.) They do have limited server space, though, so there are registration windows that you must catch in order to sign on. After you get a membership, you have to log in at least once every 30 days to stay active. And as a last condition, you either help out in their online community once a month or display an ad for their company on your page. (A way of “doing your part” to keep the service going.)

This service also provides free ASP.net hosting with Silverlight support, AJAX-based control panel, and other goodies. You can earn money from your site by using their affiliate program to refer customers to their hosting plans.
The Catch: You need to have your own domain name, and there are significant service limitations. No audio/video files are allowed to be uploaded, and there is a max file size of 2MB. There is also no FTP access, and a monthly bandwidth limit of 2GB.

That’s it for this guide to free ASP net hosting. Consider these tips carefully to find a hosting company that works for your needs.

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