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Chesterfield Homes For Sale - Searching for Chesterfield Homes for Sale - Chesterfield homes for sale under $200,000

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Chesterfield, Missouri is a suburb of St. Louis, and many of the Chesterfield homes for sale are quite expensive. The city was founded in 1989, so it is still very young and full of newly constructed homes and homes that are only a few years old. The easiest way to begin searching for Chesterfield homes for sale is to sort them by price.

Chesterfield homes for sale under $200,000

A very small portion of the Chesterfield homes for sale are priced under $200,000, and the homes that are priced this low are often multi-family homes. Usually condos in Chesterfield are priced right around $175,000, although there are some single family homes that are around $150,000. Home buyers who are lucky enough to find a single family home that is priced under $200,000 will usually find that it is an older home that dates back before the city of Chesterfield even existed. These homes may be as many as 40 or 50 years old, although many of them are in great condition if they have been taken care of.

Chesterfield homes under $400,000

The next major benchmark in prices of Chesterfield homes for sale is $400,000. There are quite a few very nice Chesterfield homes for sale in the $300,000 range, and fewer that are available in the $200,000 range. However, many home buyers will be delighted to find that a large number of the homes for sale in the $300,000 range are new construction. Others may be slightly older homes with more than 2,000 square feet of space. Some of these homes have as many as five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Homes for sale between $400,000 and $700,000

Another large portion of the price range of Chesterfield homes for sale is the range between $400,000 and $700,000. Quite a few of the homes in this price range are also new construction. In fact, home buyers who have their hears set on purchasing a new home should probably start looking around the $400,000 range if at all possible because this is where the greatest majority of newly constructed homes are. Some of these homes have upwards of 3,000 square feet, and home buyers can expect homes that are completely renovated and updated if not newly constructed.

Chesterfield homes between $800,000 and $1 million

Once we pass the $800,000 mark, the number of available Chesterfield homes for sale starts to drop off once again. However, home buyers in this price range will find homes that are close to 5,000 square feet in some cases. Some homes in this price range are condos, but the price is caused mainly by the large amounts of space rather than by any specific location.

Homes over $1 million

If there are few Chesterfield homes for sale that are priced about $800,000, even fewer of them are priced over $1 million. However, home buyers who want every luxury in their new home, like marble floors, in addition to copious amounts of space. Also home buyers in this price range can pretty much expect the home to be newly constructed.

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