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11x17 Color Printer - Selecting an 11x17 Color Printer - Pages per minute, Printer resolution, Network capabilities and other features, Price

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Finding an 11×17 color printer is a big job because of the sheer number of printers that are on the market today. Also not all color printers allow for the use of 11×17 paper, which is also known as ledger size. However, with a little careful planning and some information about the features that are available on an 11×17 color printer, it should be fairly easy to choose the best one.

Pages per minute

One of the most important features to look at when choosing a color printer with 11×17 page size capabilities is the pages per minute. Printers that can print more pages per minute will usually cost more, so the consumer may want to make sure he really needs a printer that prints at the rate of the one he is considering. A good quality 11×17 color printer usually averages somewhere around 30 pages per minute, and the rate will be faster for black and white pages.

Printer resolution

Another important feature to consider when shopping for an 11×17 color printer is the resolution of the images. This is measured in DPI, and higher numbers mean better resolution. Common DPI numbers for many 11×17 color printers are 600, 1,200, and 2,400. Of course better resolution also means a higher price, so this is also something to consider heavily when looking for the right 11×17 color printer. The resolution you will need depends entirely on what you will be using the printed papers for. If they are for presentations, then you may want to consider a higher quality resolution so that your materials will look crisp and great.

Network capabilities and other features

Another feature the consumer should look for in an 11×17 color printer is network capability. Consumers who need a printer that will connect to several computers will need to make sure the one they select has network capabilities. If only one computer will be connected to it, then this is a much lower priority.

Other features of an 11×17 color printer are all the little extras that sometimes go along with printers. For example, there are many great all-in-one printers that also offer the ability to send faxes or make copies. An all-in-one solution is perfect for smaller offices that just do not have the space for several machines.


Of course any consumer who is looking into a major purchase like a printer will have to consider the price, and this can vary widely when shopping for an 11×17 color printer. All of the features already mentioned can drive the price up. Lower end printers can cost around $300, but consumers will have to make sure that they allow for the printing of 11×17 pages because this feature may not be available on some of the lower end printers. In general, consumers looking for an 11×17 color printer should expect to spend about $1,000 unless they are willing to really compromise on one of the features listed above.

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