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Jc Penny Store - Interesting Facts about the JC Penny Store - A Brief history of the JC Penny store

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The proper name for a JC Penny store is actually J.C. Penney, although many people do misspell the word “penny.” The JC Penny store is named for its owner, James Cash Penney, and it is based in Plano, Texas. The most common place to find a JC Penny store is in a mall, and it is usually one of the mall’s anchor department stores. However, the chain has branched out and now offers the J.C. Penney Home Store, which is usually either a stand-alone store or located in a strip mall.

A Brief history of the JC Penny store

The history of J.C. Penney actually starts in Kemmerer, Wyoming, where T.M. Callahan founded a dry goods store called the Golden Rule Store. A few years later, Callahan sold his store to Penney, who changed the name of the store to J.C. Penney. The store chain has been expanding since then, opening store number 1,000 in the 1920s.

The JC Penny store today

Today J.C. Penney is known both for its stores and its catalog retail business. However, the catalog business has changed a lot since it first began. Although the store still sends out regular catalogs to customers, it now offers additional ways to purchase through its website at JCPenney.com.

A JC Penny store is a great place to buy many name brands. The chain carries brands like Arizona, Cindy Crawford, Okie Dokie, Dockers, and St. John’s Bay. The store says that it chooses its brands by looking at what customers want the most. The company also says that it looks for items that fulfill four different kinds of lifestyles: modern, contemporary, traditional, and conservative. The department store chain carries everything from clothing for men, women, and children, to fine jewelry and home furnishings.

Charitable giving and social responsibility

The JC Penny store also puts forth a sense of social responsibility about its work by looking for suppliers who have high standards and developing ways to green the company process and make it more environmentally friendly. Additionally, J.C. Penney also gives regularly to various charitable organizations. One charity it promotes is the JCPenney Afterschool fund. This fund focuses on donations for after school programs. The company also gives regularly to various organizations within the communities where its store operate.

Investment information

The JC Penny store does offer common stock for those who are interested in investing in the company. However, the stock has been trending downward over the last several years. It has lost as much as $60 per share over time, although the stock does appear to be stabilizing. On the other hand, there is certainly no sign that J.C. Penney is going anywhere, so some investors may look at this stock as a good long term investment because of where the price per share has been in the past. You could say it has nowhere to go but up.

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