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Bare Mineral Make Up - Bare Mineral Makeup from Bare Escentuals - The Bare Mineral makeup starter kits

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Bare mineral makeup from Bare Escentuals is made of completely natural ingredients that the company claims can actually improve skin. Bare mineral makeup actually involves more powder than cream makeup, and it requires a whole new way of thinking about makeup. Bare Escentuals claims that liquid makeup contains too many harmful ingredients, and the company has substituted many of the ingredients that are commonly found in liquid makeup with completely natural ingredients. Bare Escentuals includes a video with its starter bare mineral makeup kits so women can learn how to apply the three base products that are required each day.

The Bare Mineral makeup starter kits

The starter kits from Bare Escentuals sell for about $60, but women get everything they need to get started with this line of makeup. The starter kits come with two shades of powder foundation, 1 finishing powder, one all-over face color, some assorted brushes and applicators, a compact, and a DVD that explains how to use the products. The reason this starter kit includes two different shades of the powder foundation is because women naturally have slightly different skin tones during different times of the year. During the summer, skin tends to be a shade darker because of tanning, but during the winter skin tone tends to be very light. The startup kits are available on the Bare Escentuals website and at retailers that sell high quality makeup.

Customer reviews of bare mineral makeup from Bare Escentuals

The first thing customers say about the bare mineral makeup is the fact that it feels very light on the skin. Women say they also like the fact that the ingredients are all natural. However, the process of applying the bare mineral makeup is so different than the way other kinds of makeup are applied that some women feel it can be a bit overwhelming. Also women say that the bare minerals makeup does not cover the dark circles under their eyes, so they had to wear extra concealer to cover them up.

Using the Bare Escentuals website

One very nice thing about trying out bare minerals makeup from Bare Escentuals is the fact that the website is so informative. Women are taken through a step by step process that helps them choose their shade of skin color. All of the bare minerals makeup by this manufacturer is organized by shade of skin color, so women will find it easy to match the best colors with their own skin tone.

Additional bare mineral products

In addition to the foundation starter kits, Bare Escentuals also offers a full line of cosmetics, including everything from lip color or eye color to moisturizer and sunless tanning lotion. In addition to the company’s regular bare mineral products, it also offers another line which is called Rare Mineral products. The company says these products will help refine your pores. The products in the Rare Mineral line include facial cleansers and moisturizers, along with products for blemishes or skin revival.

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