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Key West Packages - How to Find the Best Key West Florida Packages

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In the cold winter months, few places sound more appealing than Key West, Florida. With miles of white sandy beaches and a number of bars and restaurants, the picture of Key West painted by the songs of Jimmy Buffett draws many visitors to the city each year. For those who are looking for a Key West vacation package, there are many options to consider.

The first thing to consider is when you plan to visit Key West. Although the later summer months are technically the off-peak season in Key West because of hurricane season, those looking to get away during the winter might be able to find better deals in the later part of February or early March. While it might cost a little more, you won’t have to worry about your vacation getting cut short due to a hurricane. Either way, there are plenty of options to consider when looking for a Key West vacation package.

Most major travel websites have an option for searching for vacation packages. The basic package with most of these options includes hotel and airfare. Those who are looking for a luxury hotel in Key West might want to consider the Waldorf-Historia Casa Marina Resort or the Westin Key West. Additional options like a rental car and tickets to area attractions can also be added on most travel websites. Typically, on the front page of the site, you will have the option between choosing a flight, a flight plus hotel, or a flight plus a hotel and a rental car. These sites are often the simplest way to find a Key West Florida vacations and packages. Before booking any of the Key West vacation packages offered on these sites, however, there are a couple of other options to consider.

At the Florida Keys official website, www.fla-keys.com, options for planning a basic vacation package are available. However, in addition to the typical features available from travel websites, this site also includes links and advice for those who are planning a beach-front wedding in Key West, those who are looking for local arts and culture, and attractions such as eco-tours, walking trails, and other environmentally-themed activities. They also provide information on other activities such as scuba diving and deep-sea fishing trips. The site gives links to live web cams view of the Florida Keys, weather information, and other features to help you plan your vacation.

Although many travel agencies are going the way of the dinosaur, it does not hurt to give a local agent a call. Travel agents often know the area and have contacts in places like Key West. If you want to overturn every stone when looking for the best deal on a Key West vacation package, then you should probably give a travel agent a call.

Another option to consider when looking for a Key West vacation package, especially if you have decided which hotel you would like to stay at, is to call the hotel and ask them if they have any packages available. Although you may not always be able to find a cheaper deal than what you might be able to get with a travel website, a conversation with a person at the hotel might lead to a better deal or bring local options for travel and attraction to your attention that you might not have otherwise considered.

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