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Livermore Homes For Sale - Livermore Homes for Sale - Finding Livermore Homes for Sale

Real Estate in Livermore California

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Located on the border between the San Francisco Bay Area and the Central Valley area of California, the city of Livermore is an ideal location to live for many in the surrounding areas. The city has a population of about 84,000. With a Mediterranean-type climate, the weather in the city is fairly mild, with high temperatures ranging from the high 50s in December and January to the high 80s in July and August. Although the city has historically been linked to nearby ranches, in recent years it has become a more typically suburban city, with many resident commuting to San Francisco. With its moderate weather and relaxed culture, the city was recently ranked as the 31st best community in the United States by Money Magazine. For those who are looking for homes for sale in Livermore, there are several options to consider.

Finding Livermore Homes for Sale

First, it is helpful to have a general knowledge of some of the major areas in the city. In addition to many housing options, downtown Livermore offers movie theaters, a community theater, and other attractions.This area might be a good option for singles or young couples without children. Two parts of the city that might be a better option for families are the North Livermore and South Livermore districts. North Livermore is close enough to downtown for easy access and includes many retail stores along with growing neighborhoods. While South Livermore offers plenty for families, it also includes attractions for both singles and couples without children in the home. For example, you will find over 40 wineries. Although homes in many parts of the city would be out of the price ranges for most lower income families, you are probably more likely to find affordable housing in North Livermore.

Livermore belongs to the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District, which has 11 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 2 high schools, including Livermore High School. The median household income is for the city is about $84,000, and the median home price is about $600,000, which is above average for the state of California. When looking for homes in Livermore, a good place to start is usually be looking at nation-wide real estate sites like Realtor.com. These site will give you a good idea of the prices and types of homes available in the different parts of the city. Other places that you can search for current homes for sale in Livermore include local newspaper websites or Craigslist.com. Another good site to visit is the city of Livermore official website at http://www.ci.livermore.ca.us. With links to schools, parks, and other attractions in the city, this site will also help you determine which areas of the city you would like to live in.

Once you have a general idea of the areas in Livermore that you are interested in living in, along with the price range, size, and features of the home, then you will probably want to find a local real estate agent. Real estate agents often advertise on reality websites and local newspapers (and their websites). Although you can learn alot about the homes offered for sale in Livermore online, it is more than likely that you will need to find a local real estate agent who knows the area and can help you find something that fits your price range and desires.

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