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Jack Rogers Sandals - The Best Jack Rogers Sandals - Simplicity, Navajo sandals, Styles for both women and girls

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Jack Rogers sandals are a great way to make a fashion statement while still being able to show off your toes in style. Many women love Jack Rogers sandals because of how unique they are. Jack Rogers offers sandals for pretty much any kind of look you can think of, and they bring a bit of the beach to any woman’s wardrobe, no matter where in the world she is located.

Jack Rogers sandals originally started as resort wear in Palm Springs, but 50 years later, the brand now includes a complete line of apparel, accessories, and other kinds of footwear. The designer even offers new monogrammed sandals for women who really want to personalize their wardrobe in a way no one else can.


One of the first things that should be noticed about Jack Rogers sandals is the fact that they offer a bit of simplicity. Most of the sandals in the Jack Rogers line are very basic, offering a flat sole with the same basic shape of material attached. Jack Rogers sandals typically have one place for the material to fit between the big toe and the second toe, and all of the style from each of the sandals in the line comes from the type and color of material that is used. Most Jack Rogers sandals use leather, but the leather is highly stylized and made unique for every different sandal.

Navajo sandals

Although Jack Rogers offers many different styles of sandals, the one style that seems to stand out within this line is the Navajo style. The designer has truly embraced Navajo style and added many different versions of its beloved Navajo sandals, including a full line of Navajo leather sandals and the old Navajo classics. There is even a Navajo Metallics line for women who like to add a little bit of shine and glimmer to their Navajo sandals.

Styles for both women and girls

Jack Rogers sandals come in styles for both women and girls, but often the only way to tell the difference between the styles for women and girls is by looking at the sizes and the price. Of course girls’ sandals will be much smaller, and they are less expensive than women’s sandals, sometimes about half the price. Women’s Jack Rogers sandals will usually range in price from $60 to $130, while girls’ Jack Rogers sandals typically cost right around $70.

An Important reminder about Jack Rogers sandals

One thing about Jack Rogers sandals that women may not be aware of if they are trying to buy their first pair is the fact that the shoe maker does not mark half sizes the same way other shoe makers do. With Jack Rogers sandals, a half size is marked with a minus sign, so a size 8 and a half is actually marked on the shoes as 8-. This is an important thing to understand because otherwise it can be very difficult to find the proper size.

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