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Make Up Schools - Make Up Schools - Make Up Schools for Cosmetology and Salon Careers

Cosmetology Training and Options

available professional program options

While "beauty school,’ as it has traditionally been called, was in the past a career option for those with limited prospects, those looking for cosmetology training now have many options at their disposal. Both for those looking to work in salons and those who are looking to get involve in professional make up services, there are many options available.

Make Up Schools for Cosmetology and Salon Careers

Most of the traditional “beauty schools” are devoted to training their students in the basic services offered at a salon, department store, or specialty boutique. Other career options available after traditional make up school training include theatrical and performance makeup and television/film makeup.

Most of these services required a license to perform. These including hair cutting and styling and cosmetologists. Typically, to get a license in cosmetology, you will typically need to pass a state-certification test after completing a training program. These programs are typically nine months to one year long, and in some cases, can be part of an associates degree program.

To find a cosmetology program in your area, you could begin by looking at a site like BeautySchoolsDirectory.com. This site and others like it can provide a general idea of what programs are offered in your area. Another place to look when searching for the best cosmetology program is a local community college. Many such schools have cosmetology programs as part of an associates degree.

Make Up Schools for Other Professional Make Up Careers

Apart from the cosmetology jobs available in salons and department stores, another make up career option is to pursue a professional make up career. This career path can take many shapes. A professional make up artist could work in a salon, but also could specialize in wedding or studio photography for both professional photo shoots and, when necessary, private photo shoots.

Other career options are available at schools like the School of Professional Makeup. At more advanced make up schools like this one, you could enroll in several different make up programs. In the Special Effects program, you be trained for work with movie and live production special effects and will learn things like making molds and casts, casting and applying silicone and other prosthetics, and making foam body molds. Other courses are available for hair and wig make up techniques, tattoos for film and other productions, airbrushing, mask making, and advanced laboratory techniques.

The annual salary of a make up artist can vary somewhat. In 2008, the top earning cosmetologist in Hollywood made about $60,000 per year. The average annual salary for a cosmetologist nationwide varies from $47,000 to $31,000. A recently certified cosmetologist working in a salon or similar environment can expect to make about $11 to $12 per hour.

With many more options available to them than there has been in years past, those considering training in the make up industry should be able to find a program that fits their schedule and desired career path.

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