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Mens New Balance Running Shoes - Men's New Balance Running Shoes - Features of New Balance Shoes, Mens New Balance Running Shoes

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One of the leading producers of running shoes in recent years in the New Balance company. Founded in 1906, the company sold arch supports until 1960, when it produced its first shoe, the “Trackster.” Unlike some competitors, New Balance manufactures some of their shoes in the United States. While this causes New Balance shoes to be more expensive than others at times, the company offers some unique features that make its shoes stand out from others.

Features of New Balance Shoes

Unlike many large shoe companies, New Balance offers different widths for nearly all of its products. Therefore, a customer can often find a better fitting shoe with New Balance than they could with another company. Also, the company is known for its technical innovations. Their original shoe, the “Trackster,” was the first running shoe that had a ripple sole. Other new features like gel inserts and heel counters have made New Balance shoes among the most popular running shoes on the market. Some of the newer features found on some New Balance shoes include the ABZORB DTS (Dynamic Transition System), which is designed to distribute a runner’s heel strike throughout the shoe and thus provide better cushioning and the LockDown Liner, which is designed to provide a snug fit on the top of the shoe while still allowing the foot to breathe. Because of these innovations, New Balance is one of the more popular brands for runners.

Mens New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance makes a wide variety of running shoes for men. Whether you are looking for short track running spikes or long distance running shoes, you should be able to find the mens New Balance running shoes that you need. The shoes are available in a number of styles and price ranges. In short, the company has several different series of running shoes. The 500 series is the most expensive, with shoes available in the $50 to $70 range. As the numbers go up, usually so do the prices and the quality of the shoes. The 700 series is about $75 to $90. The 1000 series is typically $100 to $130. As of the summer of 2010, the most expensive New Balance running shoe on the market is the New Balance 2002, which retails for $250. This shoe is made in the U.S.A. and features a high-tech rubber compound for outer durability and special designs for support and shock absorption.

Mens New Balance running shoes have often won awards from Runner’s World magazine. In the March 2009 issue, the New Balance 1063 won the award for the Best New Update. The New Balance 875 won the same award in the April 2009 issue. However, the Fall 2010 running show preview gave the New Balance 1226 mixed reviews.While giving it higher marks for its cushioning and flexibility, they found it overly heavy. The New Balance 730 also received a mixed review. The editors felt that the shoe did not provide enough cushioning to be comfortable. Finally, the New Balance 759 got the highest marks among Mens New Balance running shoes in the issue, saying it “hits the cushioning sweet spot without being too firm and inflexible.”

With many options and price ranges, a visit to a local running store might help you find the right New Balance running shoe, especially if you are looking at the more expensive options. Regardless of your price range, however, you should be able to find a mens New Balance running shoe that is right for you.

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