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Affiliate Web Hosting - How to Use Affiliate Web Hosting Programs for Great Online Profit - How to Use Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

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The web hosting business is extremely competitive, and hosting companies are always looking for ways to drive in new customers. Every customer represents a steady monthly income for an extended period of time, even many years down the line. Because once you start on with a hosting company, it is a tiresome process to switch over to a new one. This means that hosting companies put a big value on every customer that signs up – and they are willing to pay you a large part of it to get them there!

It’s a win-win situation, when you think about it. You do a little footwork to get them a customer, and get paid handsomely for it. And the hosting company is happy because they received a customer who will most likely represent a long-term cash flow for them. (Not to mention they have an army of affiliates out there selling their hosting services!)

If you want to get in on a hosting affiliate program but are not sure how to, you have come to the right place!

How to Use Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Typically hosting companies will give you a simple referral link to post on your site. The link sends visitors to the company’s page, and if they sign up for hosting, you either receive a significant one-time payment, a percentage of recurring payments over time, or some combination of the two.

In order to get that link you have to set up an affiliate account with a hosting company. It is not hard – just about every company has an affiliate program of some kind. Look at some top hosting companies to compare their different plans:

Earn a lump sum of $97 per referral, or 10% of all purchases made by that referral.

BlueHost pays out a straight $65 per referral, and has some nifty tracking tools to help you see how your ads are performing.

Volume-based payment scale. Minimum commissions start at $40 per referral, and go way up depending on the volume you sell. You can also make cash from Yahoo! domains customers.

HostGator offers a commission scale – a few customers will make you $50 per referral, but twenty or more per month will get you $125,

Tips on Making the Most of Your Affiliate Program

Once you sign up for an affiliate program, you will get a link that you can use on your site, in banner ads, or just about anywhere. People who click on this link, which has your special affiliate ID embedded into it, will be sent to the hosting company’s sign-up page. If they buy a hosting product, then you will be awarded the commission.

It is best to avoid covering your site with banner ads for different hosting companies. Unless you are a site devoted to hosting company reviews (and we know there are plenty out there!), choose just one or two companies to work with. One skillfully-placed affiliate link is much more valuable to you than twenty sloppy banner ads that nobody wants to see.

You should also consider endorsing the hosting companies that you have personal experience with, so you can give a review of the company together with the sign-up link. If you already have a large readership, you could post a simple page talking about which hosting company you went with and why. Or you could even set up a pay-per-click campaign with the affiliate link as the target.

As we stated, many people have already tried the “hosting company review” site idea, so that market is tricky to get into. To succeed with this approach, you will have to get creative – or just more specific. Best web hosting services for cat-lovers, anyone?

That’s it for this guide to online affiliate web hosting programs. Look over every program available to you, and choose your partners wisely. Your readers’ trust should be your highest priority. And if you have that down, the dollar signs will take care of themselves!

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