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Watch Tv On Internet - How to Watch TV on the Internet - Channel Chooser, wwiTV, Web TV List

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As the World Wide Web expands to cover every part of our existence, so do the various ways for us to watch TV on the internet. Of course most people are familiar with websites like Hulu.com, where television shows can be watched after their air on television. However, there are also plenty of other websites that allow users to watch live TV on the internet. It means access to their favorite shows while there are airing on television, without the cost of cable, and with no waiting. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular websites that allow users to watch TV on the internet.

Channel Chooser

One website that allows users to watch TV on the internet is Channel Chooser. This website has hundreds of channels, although not as many as some other websites that allow users to watch TV on the internet. There are channels available from all over the world on this site, although the greatest majority of them are from the United States. There are also some local channels available through this website, which gives users access to the television market in whichever part of the United States they are interested in.


Internet users who do not want to limit the channels they can watch on the internet should check out wwiTV. This website has channels from all over the world, including many local channels that are very easy to find. The only real problem with this website is that many of the channels simply do not play. Instead, they might link to the channel’s website, which can be a bit confusing until you happen to hit upon a channel that is actually playing back live. Users can sort the channels by country, which really shows just how many different countries have channels that are available to watch on this website. In addition to sorting by country, users can also break down the categories even further by searching for a specific genre like children or news.

Web TV List

Another popular site that allows users to watch TV on the internet is Web TV List. This website bills itself as being the world’s largest listing of internet TV stations. The only bad thing about being the world’s largest internet TV website is the fact that it is rather difficult to find certain stations on the site. Users can sort by various internet TV categories, but the sheer number of stations that are still left in that category to sort through can be rather daunting. In most cases, people who are just looking for a place to watch their local channels on the internet would do best with the Channel Chooser site because it is much smaller. However, people who are looking for a very specific channel that is broadcast in another country will be better off with wither wwiTV or the Web TV list. WwiTV is organized a bit better than Web TV list, but both have a very wide selection of world TV stations.

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