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Sharp Aquos Televisions - All about Sharp Aquos Televisions - History of Sharp Aquos Televisions, What is Sharp Aquos Television’s Quattron Technology?

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Sharp is one of the best known manufacturers of electronics in the world. One of their recent innovations is the Sharp Aquos television. These high-definition LCD televisions have consistently been given some of the highest ratings for picture quality of any LCD TV. Their marks have been even higher and the reviews have been even more positive since the release of the latest models of Sharp Aquos televisions that use the new Quattron technology.

History of Sharp Aquos Televisions

Sharp was founded in Japan in 1912 by Takuji Hayakawa. Their first products were a snap-on belt buckle and a mechanical pencil. Although these products seem simplistic by today’s standards, they were big hits that allowed Sharp to expand into the U.S. market in 1962 and open a manufacturing plant in the U.S. in 1979. Sharp claims that the success of the company is due to its innovation. New products released by the company invariably go on to be worldwide must-haves with models being produced by every other electronics manufacturer in the world. Examples include the first LCD computer monitor, microwave ovens, solar-powered calculators, and air purifiers.

Sharp manufactured their first television in 1960. In the 1970s, Sharp developed a thin-screen TV using an EL panel, but it was too expensive to ever be mass-produced. In 1987, the company became known for incorporating a TV tuner into their state-of-the-art LCD monitor, giving birth to the first LCD color TV to be sold on a large scale. Sharp Aquos televisions came into being in 2001 and nine years later they were used to bring to the masses Quattron technology.

What is Sharp Aquos Television’s Quattron Technology?

The Quattron technology used in Sharp Aquos televisions introduces a fourth pixel color in the spectrum that has traditionally been only red, green, and blue. Quattron uses a yellow pixel in conjunction with red, green, and blue. This combination gives an LCD television with a resolution of 1,920 × 1,080 an extra 2 million sub-pixels to produce sharper images with more vibrant colors. Colors in the Sharp Aquos televisions produce colors more identical to those found in nature, with the greatest enhancements in bright yellow, gold, and light blue.

Sharp Aquos televisions with Quattron technology also use the new X-Gen panel. The X-Gen panel uses another new technology called UV^2A photo-alignment. This gives the Aquos TVs a higher contrast ratio by reducing the amount of backlighting that does not focus onto the panel. UV light is used in the manufacturing of these panels so that the molecules of the liquid crystal can be controlled more precisely, bringing the images into near-perfect alignment.

Quattron technology is also more environmentally friendly than traditional LCD televisions. Making use of the yellow wavelength actually reduces the power consumption of the TV by diverting energy away from the blue spectrum to the yellow spectrum and by more efficiently using the backlighting through the panel.

Finally, Sharp Aquos televisions are designed to look good even when they are turned off. Their new edging design turns the TV into a display piece that is appealing in settings of classic or modern décor.

Availability of Sharp Aquos Televisions

Sharp Aquos Televisions can be found at any online or walk-in retail store featuring LCD HDTVs. There are currently 26 models of Aquos for sale. They range from the personal 19-inch screen with or without a built-in DVD player up to the super-sized 65-inch model featuring an ASV Superlucent LCD panel.

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