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Ohio Department Of Insurance - Ohio Department of Insurance - Ohio Department of Insurance Consumer Affairs, Ohio Department of Insurance Medicare Services

Services and Departments

information health care changes

The Ohio Department of Insurance is currently under the leadership of Director Mary Jo Hudson. The department offers services in four major areas: consumer affairs, medicare services, agent and agency services, and health care reform. In general, their main services are to provide information for both the public and insurance professionals and to facilitate compliance to changing insurance laws.

Ohio Department of Insurance Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs is the general insurance information service for Ohio insurance consumers and providers. In this area, the department answers consumer questions, investigates complaints, and provides educational material. The major categories in this area are auto insurance and claims, health insurance, including questions about the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) continued coverage and health care tax credits, life insurance, and home insurance. Consumer alerts and other general insurance information fall under this category.

Ohio Department of Insurance Medicare Services

Medicare services offered by the Ohio Department of Insurance include providing basic information about Medicare (in both English and Spanish) and information about Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage and where to find it. They also provide information about long-term planning and budget information for those who are on Medicare, as well as information for volunteers who want to assist with Ohio Medicare in any way.

Ohio Department of Insurance Agent and Agency Services

The Ohio Department of Insurance Agent and Agency Services deals primarily with insurance agents. Through this service, one can find requirements for being an insurance agent, the procedures necessary to obtain an insurance license, including information about qualifying exams and testing centers, and general information about continuing education and license renewal. This part of the Ohio Department of Insurance can also provide information about both federal and state insurance laws and any recent changes to them.

Ohio Department of Insurance Health Care Reform

In addition, the Ohio Department of Insurance has recently made it a priority to consider health care reform. In early 2010, there were an estimated 1.3 million people without insurance in Ohio. According to the Ohio Department of Insurance, recent federal-level health care reforms will bring insurance coverage to about 900,000 of these people. Therefore, the Ohio Department of Insurance has committed to working proactively to institute changes and communicate these changes to the general public. They have launched a health care reform website to help accomplish these goals. Interested Ohioans can sign up for email updates about changes to Ohio law and other information at the website.

Among the immediate changes that the Ohio Department of Insurance instituted was flexible laws for older age dependents to allow both single and married people to stay on their parents insurance plans until they are 26, tax credits for insurance costs for small business owners, a program to help younger retirees (those who are between the ages of 55 and 64) obtain affordable insurance, and a plan to provide insurance for the uninsured who have a previous or ongoing high-risk health problem.

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