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Star Wars Galaxies Forums - Star Wars Galaxies Forums - Star Wars Galaxies Forums

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With a box office gross of over $5.5 billion for the six feature films in the series, the Star Wars movies are among the most popular in history. Phrases like “May the force be with you” have entered the Western world’s cultural encyclopedia because of the series, and references to the movies are often found in TV, films, and popular music. Its impact can be seen in the United Kingdom’s 2001 census, when 390,000 people claimed their religion to be “Jedi.” For those who are not content to simply watch the movies but want to experience life in the Star Wars world, the long-awaited online role player game Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided was introduced in June 2003. The game’s producers have subsequently released two updates to the game: the Combat Upgrade and the New Game Enhancement. Three other Star Wars Galaxies expansion packs have also been released: Jump to Lightspeed, Rage of the Wookiees, and the Trials of Obi-Wan. The game play takes place on different servers known as “galaxies.” In October 2009, twelve of these galaxies were closed due to player inactivity, and their online characters were placed on other servers. There are now thirteen active galaxies available to online players, although two of these are intended for European players. The most popular galaxy is the “Starsider” server.

Star Wars Galaxies Forums

Although the number of players has decreased since the last expansion was released in 2005, the Star Wars Galaxies games still have many devoted players. Since soon after the games were release, players have congregated online at the Star Wars Galaxies forums. These forums are divided into several sections, and provide information about everything from getting started playing Star Wars Galaxies to advanced game play.

The first major section, the Galactic News Network, includes basic information about the game, including announcements from the developers and news about changes and updates to the games. The next major section, the Galactic Insider, is the heart of the forums. It is here that the player can learn basic game play strategies, discuss different aspects of the game, including everything from immersing in your online character and advancing in the game to finding a girlfriend in Star Wars Galaxies (this is not a joke!). Players will probably spend the majority of their time reading and contributing to the threads in this section. A third major section on the forums deals with the Star Wars Galaxies trading card game. The Star Wars Galaxies forums also have a section called the Galactic Senate. The senate is an online discussion board made up of players who have been nominated to be a part of the Senate for six months. After their “term” expires, a new player is appointed to be on the Senate. The last major section of the forums is devoted to discussion about each of the individual galaxies.

Although they remain popular among many players, the number of players active on the forums has leveled off in recent years after reaching an all-time high of 51,475 on the board on August 31, 2007.

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