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Swing Arm Lighting - Swing Arm Lighting - Wall-Mounted Swing Arm Lighting, Desk Top Swing Arm Lighting

Options and Types

lamp lamps options additional

For frequent readers and others who have a need for additional and/or flexible lighting, a swing arm lamp or light fixture is usually a good investment. Not only do these lamps have many practical uses, they also are available in many different styles and sizes.

Wall-Mounted Swing Arm Lighting

When placed on the wall of a living room, home office, or den, a swing arm lamp that is mounted on the wall can be a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice. These lamps typically have a single lamp and are attached to a base that is secured to the wall. They are usually available in a number of styles, including polished chrome or other metals, various antique and modern looks, and Tiffany lamps. While they can sometimes move up and down, and sometimes even up, down, left and right, more frequently they just move left and right. Although they can vary, the lamps are usually on the small side and are an additional source of light for reading or other activities that require more lighting.

Desk Top Swing Arm Lighting

Desk top swing arm lamps can be very useful tool for providing flexible lighting. These lamps are often built with a balancing counter-weight on the end of the swing arm that allows the arm of the lamp to be rather long. With this design, the lamp will need both a counter weight and a rather heavy base to keep if from falling over. Properly designed, it is a highly functional lamp that can provide extra lighting where needed. It can move both left and right and up and down with relative ease. This type of lamp has become familiar in pop culture as the “mascot” that appears at the beginning of all of the Pixar animated movies.

Buying Swing Arm Lighting

Before shopping for swing arm lighting, you should consider where you need additional lighting and what kind of lighting is best. A wall mounted swing arm lamp can often be more expensive than a traditional lamp, so unless you need the flexibility of a swing arm lamp, then a standard wall mounted fixture might be a better option. Swing arm desktop lamps probably have more use, but unless your work space is large enough to sometimes need flexible lighting, a stationary lamp might be sufficient as well. When purchasing swing arm lighting, the best place to begin researching your options are online retailers like Amazon. In additional to general retailers, lighting retailers like Lamps Plus probably have more options to choose from and can give you a better ideas of what options are available. After looking at various options for swing arm lighting, you will probably want to visit a home furnishings store or lighting specialty store to see different models of swing arm lamps. If at all possible, however, take the time to research your options so that you can know whether it will be a better deal to purchase the lamp from the store or online.

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