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Sharp Lcd Televisions - The Top Sharp LCD Televisions - Sharp LCD Television Models

color technology aquos screen

Sharp is an innovator with a record of being the first to bring products to consumers that go on to be items found in most every household. The company began in 1912 in Japan by being one of the first to sell belt buckles with a snap mechanism and Ever-sharp mechanical pencils, the product from which they derived their name. The company has come a long way since those times and now manufacturers a full range of electronics from plants in Japan and the United States. Among the other innovations produced by Sharp were solar-powered calculators, air purifiers, and the LCD monitor.

Sharp led the way to today’s LCD TV market by being the first company to manufacture and sell reliable LCD monitors, first used in their calculators back in 1973. In 1986, the company launched its Liquid Crystal Display Laboratories and by the next year they produced a LCD color TV with more pixels than any other in the world. The next year they designed an impressive 100-inch LCD video projection screen, one of the first true high-definition video devices.

In 1991, Sharp released the world’s largest wall-mounted LCD television. It was 8.6 inches and had a 437,760 pixel resolution. Throughout the 1990s, Sharp LCD televisions continued to display innovations that had other manufacturers scrambling to keep up. In 2001, Aquos was first released, the revolutionary new line of Sharp LCD televisions that continue to lead the company’s offerings. The Aquos line has come to perfection in 2010 with Sharp’s latest innovation: the 4-color pixel combination. Instead of simply using red, green, and blue, like color televisions have since the beginning, Sharp introduced yellow to the scheme to bring vivid, natural, lifelike colors to home television systems.

Sharp LCD Television Models

Today, Sharp manufactures and sells thirty-two models of LCD TVs that range in size from 19 inches up to 65 inches in size. At the lower end, the televisions are budget-minded. Sharp doesn’t even consider them worthy of the Aquos name. However, once you get into the high-end models, Sharp LCD TVs become a force to be reckoned with. Here are the highest-rated models on the market today:

This is the flagship model of Sharp LCD televisions for 2010. It combines the LCD X-Gen panel with its patented UltraBrilliant LED backlighting to produce perhaps the highest-quality picture of any LCD television in its class. This 52-inch X-Gen panel with UV2A technology provides a 1080p resolution that is more energy efficient than other LCD TVs. In addition, this model uses the Quattra 4-color pixel system to provide a grid of 8 million dots for vivid colors. The new technology doesn’t stop there. The LC-52LE920UN also uses Aquamotion 240, a proprietary 240 Hz refresh rate system that makes even the fastest action sequences of sports or movies appear clear and undistorted. Finally, a few more features makes this TV one of the highest quality on the market today: 6 million:1 contrast ratio, Wi-Fi capability with Aquos Net for streaming internet video, and 176-degree viewing angle. This TV sells for about $2,200.

Right on the heels of the LE920 model is the LE820 model. This Aquos LCD TV also uses Quattron 4-color technology to produce sharp, vivid images in natural color. It uses the same X-Gen panel and LED backlighting as the LE920 but it has a smaller screen, at only 46-inches. It also lacks the Aquamotion 240 refresh system of the LE290. Replacing it is the 120 Hz Fine Motion system. Many viewers will scarcely notice the difference, so if you just want to save a few bucks but still own a TV that can be considered one of the best, the LE820 is a perfect choice. A 46-inch screen is more than enough for most households. Besides the refresh rate, this model also has a lower contrast ratio, but the difference is so subtle as to be virtually undetectable by the human eye. This package still makes for one of the best TVs on the market and its $1,800 price tag makes it especially attractive.

This model has received some of the highest reviews of any Sharp LCD televisions in recent years. The technology used is an older generation, but it produces many of the same specs as the LE820. This model also has a 46-inch screen, but it has several differences compared to the LE920 and LE820. The LE700 does not use the new Quatrron 4-color pixel technology. It has three-color pixels like every other TV. It also lacks the X-Gen screen, so there is a noticeable difference in contrast, brightness, and color brilliance, but it still uses LED backlighting, so it is still a step above most other LCD televisions. The LE700 still has an impressive 120 Hz refresh rate, but the only difference is that Sharp has not given the refresh rate technology used a specific branded name, which should make absolutely no difference to the savvy buyer. The feature that wraps up this TV into a nice little package is the price: $1,200.

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