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Oak Tv Stands - Benefits of Oak TV Stands

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When deciding on buying a new TV stand to go with that new big-screen, flat panel HDTV, many people are going toward natural woods. Among the most popular of natural wood living room furniture are oak TV stands. Since many of us spend a lot of time viewing TV, it only makes sense to purchase an aesthetically appealing TV stand that is both functional and decorative. After spending so much money on a new television, many people are loathe to spend so much more on furniture and accoutrements for the TV, but almost all people who spend a little more on a solid oak TV stand later say that it was well worth it, and they don’t see how they could have made any other choice.

Oak is a perfect wood for making TV stands because it is very dense and has a high tannic acid content. The tannic acid in oak makes it extremely resistant to fungus, mold, insect infestations, so it will last longer than many other types of wood. In fact, well-constructed oak TV stands will last for several lifetimes under normal use. Imagine your great-grandchildren using your antique oak TV stand someday far in the future. Oak has been prized for building furniture since the middle ages, and many pieces still exist in Europe from the 17th and 18th century.

Oak is also versatile because it goes well with the décor of many other sorts and materials. Oak TV stands can also be designed in many styles. It can be super-minimalist, with smooth, sturdy features, or the style can consist of intricate pattern work. Whichever end of the spectrum you choose, oak furniture still seems uniquely your own. This will not only be pleasing to you, but your guests will also be sure to notice. In fact, you may get more compliments on your oak TV stand than you do on your TV.

Before buying an oak TV stand, you should understand that oak requires some care and maintenance to keep it looking its best. Be sure you are willing to pay the long-term price for having such a beautiful and long-term piece of furniture. Following these guidelines will keep your oak TV stand looking its best for as long as you own it:

• Clean your oak TV stand regularly with wood or furniture polish. Lemon-scented Pledge and other similar products work well. This not only cleans and polishes the wood, but it adds a layer of protection. Once per week, wipe it down with Murphy’s Oil Soap.
• In dry climates, especially those with convection heating, oak can become dry and crack. This is usually due to a shellac polish. A little wood alcohol brushed over the surface can prevent and heal cracking.
• Oak TV stands should never be moved by dragging, especially on carpeted floors. The wood is very strong and heavy, so the weight of the piece can cause the joints to give when too much force is applied to one side. Move the piece by lifting it totally off the floor with the help of a partner.
• Every two to three months, oak TV stands need to be waxed. This will also help resist cracking, but more importantly it can prevent nicks, scratches, and other superficial blemishes that distract from the piece.
• Because the oak TV stand is regularly waxed, it must also be annually stripped of any wax buildup by using mineral spirits.

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