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Cisco Wireless Access Point - Cisco Wireless Access Point Guide - Cisco Wireless Access Points for Home, Cisco Wireless for the Office

Staying Connected at Home and at the Office

valet business range connect

Are you looking to set up an easily accessible wireless network at home or the office? Wireless access is a great choice for easy, convenient internet and network access from anywhere you need it. Different products can give you the power to extend the wireless range to just your apartment, your office building, or your entire campus. Cisco has a variety of products designed to fit every wireless requirement that you could need. See below to get further info on wireless access points for home, small business, and large enterprises.

Cisco Wireless Access Points for Home

The Valet series is made with the home in mind. Valet products are inexpensive, sleekly designed, and they’re very easy to set up. They also function as your home’s router, allowing you to connect all computers (wireless or corded) to the internet. With the Valet, you can connect your house’s bluetooth or wireless-enabled game systems or other devices with no effort at all. The included Cisco software makes the Valet easy to install and customize on any PC.

If you have a normal-sized home, try the base model Valet for $99.99. If you have a larger-scale home, then upgrade to the Valet Plus for just $149.99, which can cover a larger range.

The Valet series is also designed with families in mind, allowing parents to block certain sites, limit the amount of time children spend on the internet, and other handy features.

For all these reasons, Valet is a great way to go for inexpensive home wireless access.

Cisco Wireless for the Office

Small Business Access Points
Small business owners are concerned with getting the most for their money, and Cisco small business wireless access points provide a big payoff for your dollar. They are designed with a business owner in mind, allowing you to connect farther, faster, and safer than ever before.

The extended range of the small business WAP4410N wireless access point allows employees and guests to connect to the internet anywhere within a large range of connectivity. You can connect a variety of wireless devices in seconds to the network, and you do not even need an available outlet to connect the access point to power. These wireless access points support power-over-ethernet devices, so you can install them quickly and easily anywhere you like.

The small business series has advanced security features to protect your network from unauthorized gateways into your network. They also offer support for the fastest speeds possible with their expanded range, ensuring that your wireless users have all the performance they need right at their fingertips.

Wireless Access Points for Larger Enterprises


The Aironet series of wireless access points provides sleek, rugged, and powerful performance for an extended range of use and easy scalability. They offer up to six times the performance rates of traditional access points, giving more of your employees access to the cutting-edge speed that they need to provide cutting-edge results. The 1260 model is built to withstand changes in temperature, dust, and other environmental concerns. The 1140 is great for large carpeted office buildings.

The Aironet series is designed to fit in perfectly with an enterprise environment. Because the Aironets also support power-over-ethernet, this greatly lessens the difficulty of installation. Its high-capacity performance can handle large amounts of users while still offering security that large operations need to protect their network. They are also built with clean-air technology and an energy-efficient construction that will help your business reduce its carbon footprint.

For supporting a large user base, covering an extended range, and standing up to rugged environments, large businesses or institutional facilities should consider the Aironet series of wireless access points to give them the performance they need.

That’s it for this guide to Cisco wireless access points. Whether you are at home or at the office, going wireless can greatly increase your productivity and ease of access for all your wireless devices. You will be glad you made the switch!

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