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Riga Latvia Hotels - The Top Riga, Latvia Hotels - Old Riga Palace Hotel, Hotel Medzabaki, Europa Royale Riga Hotel

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Riga is the capital of Latvia and the biggest city in all of the Baltic countries, having a population of 709,145 people. Riga sits on the Daugava River and is an important port city. Riga has been the site of several battles throughout history as holding the city is key to controlling the region. Today, Riga is known for having one of the strongest economies of any former Soviet Union city, and the city is desperately trying to reclaim its image as a tourist-friendly cultural center that was once known as “The Paris of the Baltics.”

The Latvian effort to attract tourists to Riga has been largely successful. The city has seen a sharp rise in tourists in the past decade. Visitors of all sorts arrive to the city to take in its wide and varied attractions. Young people visit the city to take in its active nightlife. International club-hoppers frequently fly into the city from England and other major European cities. Couples and families come to the city to visit such attractions as the aquapark, the Riga Zoo, and the Latvian Puppet Theatre. Riga also has several cultural and social attractions, including the Riga Central Market and the Ethnographic Open Air Museum.

To accommodate visitors, a number of Riga, Latvia hotels are available. They come in three basic tiers: luxury, mid-range, and discount. Based on consumer reviews of each category, here are the top hotels in Riga, Latvia:

Old Riga Palace Hotel

Minsterejas Street 8/10
Riga, Latvia, LV-1050
Phone: +371-6755-9790
Fax: +371-6755-9792

The Old Riga Palace Hotel is actually one of the newest hotels in the city. It is a luxury four-star accommodation on the cobblestone streets of the Old Town section of the city. It is near several major tourist attractions, including St. Peter’s Church and the Riga Cathedral. It is also close to the city’s center of business, making it perfect for both business and leisure travelers. The hotel features Wi-Fi internet, a business center, free luggage storage, fitness center, sauna, whirlpool, and a bar in the lobby. Rooms average from 71 to 110 Euros per night.

Hotel Medzabaki

Medzabaki-2, Lilaste
Carnikavas Parish
Riga, Latvia LV-2163
Phone: +371-6714-7070
Fax: +371-6714-6066

Hotel Medzabaki is actually just outside Riga on Lake Lilaste. This is a mid-priced hotel for those who are looking to get away from the confines of the city. No matter which season it is when you arrive, the hotel offers peaceful, relaxing views. Features of the hotel include a modern fitness center, sauna and playground for children. Be sure to ask about the origin of the name, which translates into English as “honey boots.” Double rooms are approximately 35 Euros per night, and suites are 50 Euros.

Europa Royale Riga Hotel

Kr. Barona Street 12
Riga, Latvia LV-1050
Phone: +371-6707-9444

The Europa Royale is a popular hotel in Riga, Latvia. It is near the center of the city next to Vermanes Park. This historic building was originally constructed in 1876 as the private residence of the Benjamin family. After undergoing a thorough restoration, it opened in 2006 as a Europa Royale. This building is only one of many examples of fine architecture in the city. The hotel has 60 rooms and suites and features amenities such as a restaurant, lobby bar, wireless internet, sauna, and a casino. Standard room rates range from 75 to 85 Euros per night.

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