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Cherry Tv Stands - Benefits of Cherry TV Stands

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New LCD and Plasma TVs are high-tech electronic equipment. For years, it was thought that such wonders of the modern era should be displayed on an equally high-tech appearing TV stand. The best-selling TV stands were, and still are, those made out of metals or metal frames and glass shelves. The metals are usually painted to appear chrome, silver, gray, or black. After awhile, however, people began to question this design. They wondered why it was necessary to match a TV stand with a TV. Interior designers soon began to discover that traditional wooden furniture worked much better than metal and glass for a variety of decorating schemes. Among the most popular of furnishings after this revolution are cherry TV stands.

Cherry TV stands have many benefits over their modern-era counterparts. Cherry, especially American Black Cherry, has been a treasured wood for carpenters and craftsman for centuries. Cherry is one of the warmest of woods. It gives a piece a quality of uniqueness that can easily make it the focal point of the room. For many living rooms, this works perfectly because the TV is the focal point. If the focal point of your living room is a fireplace or window, be careful when choosing a cherry TV stand because it may very well steal attention away from where you want it.

Besides looking good, cherry is very versatile. Craftsmen like to work with cherry because it cuts smoothly, sands easily, and stains brilliantly. Many hobbyist woodworkers choose to use cherry exclusively because of these characteristics. The sapwood of cherry is actually pale and almost yellow. It is the heartwood for which cherry is known. The heartwood is a deep reddish-brown that gains shades of mahogany when it is brought into the sun during curing. It has a nice finish that has been described as wavy or curly. The wood also can also sometimes have dark splotches or veins running through it. These are pockets of tree resin, and they sometimes pose a challenge to the woodworker. A skilled craftsman can turn these resin pockets into an advantage that adds to the uniqueness of the piece.

The benefits of cherry TV stands are all in aesthetics. Cherry is not a very hard wood. Although it is as strong as maple, it is one-third less dense. For this reason, cherry TV stands are best for lightweight TVs of 42 inches or less. Once set up, cherry TV stands and the televisions they support should not be moved unnecessarily. If moving does become necessary, always remove the TV before moving the cherry TV stand. This will prevent any damage that may occur during the move.

Many designers that use cherry wood for furniture like to create multiple pieces that work together in a modular fashion. This means that cherry TV stands can be bought alone or as part of a larger set. These sets can include bookcases, end tables, coffee tables, or wall shelving. They can also be incorporated into larger entertainment centers that incorporate several features. Invariably, though, cherry TV stands are best when simple, plain, and solid.

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