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Free Pc Doctor - Free PC Doctor-Like Programs

PC Doctor may not be free, but other options exist

registry software available users

PC Doctor, Inc. is a Nevada-based corporation that produces a series of diagnostic programs of the same name. Unfortunately, their patented “PC Doctor” programs are not available for free through anything but software piracy. Yet, their product has become a genericized trademark—that is, some people will ask for “PC doctor” not when asking for the product itself, but when asking for a PC doctor-like program (the same thing has happened with Kleenex, Band-Aid, Rollerblades, etc.).

Those searching for a free PC doctor in the generic sense of the term do have some options available online. Each of the products listed below have been scanned with AVG antivirus scanner prior to their inclusion in this article. None represent the full bundle of options available from PC Doctor, but combining these programs will create a software suite that can emulate the program rather well.

Disappointingly, Free PC Doctor dot Com is NOT a source for free PC doctor like downloads. This website was constructed using Wordpress and contains very little information and no useful downloads. Again, note that the legitimate PC doctor program is not available for free.

Fortunately, there are other options. CCleaner performs registry cleaning functions similar to those bundled into PC Doctor. This program begins with a registry scan that takes a few minutes depending on the size of the computer in question. From there, it can perform registry repairs and defragmentation.

Device Doctor is a popular free PC doctor-like tool that will automatically update drivers for various computer components. It is supported by a database of more than 3,000 GB of drivers which are updated regularly. This free software has appeared on Lifehacker, the How-To Geek, and the Kim Komando Show, and it even has a following on Facebook. In short, it is a popular, reliable addition to a freeware PC health package.

Those looking for an all-in-one package comparable to PC Doctor can check out a program like Advanced SystemCare Free. This program is a pretty and flexible tool top-rated by CNET’s editorial staff and users. At first installation, SystemCare prompts users to create a restore point in case anything goes wrong, allowing them to do so with one click. From here, users can diagnose and treat spyware, defragment their hard drive, and check a variety of other loopholes and redundancies that can slow down system performance. With more than 43 million downloads in its first six weeks of operation, it is widely downloaded and a user-friendly piece of software.

For those looking for a minimalist program, Free Window Registry Repair is one of the smallest and quickest program, performing basic repairs with a simple interface that only requires two clicks to perform its basic operations. A registry sweeper and nothing more, it is capable of finding most major errors and requires very little effort to install.

New free PC doctor-like programs appear regularly online, so new products will undoubtedly appear in the future that may trump the ones above. Advanced SystemCare is now in its third version, however, meaning that it will continue to release new updates in the foreseeable future.

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