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Free Religious Clip Art - Resources for Free Religious Clip Art

Christian Resources

christian images users provides

Whether decorating a church newsletter or assembling a faith-oriented website, internet users can draw from a wide variety of free religious clip art. Using these resources is both legal and ethical, as they are offered freely by third-party websites. These websites thrive not on the selling of their artwork, but on ad revenue and donations, so users should be patient with the advertisements and pop-ups prevalent on these sites. Some also have other light request which they make on their users, which will be covered below.

Free Christian Clip Art provides a wide collection of Christmas images, animated gifs, and miscellaneous Christian graphics. The site is explicitly anti-abortion, and they ask users who benefit from their service to promote the site and its mission by posting a “Stop the Killing” link on the user’s blog, church home page, or other website. The code is available at the bottom of the page.

Gospel Gifs provides a collection of blessings, borders, banners, animations, and other Christian imagery. So long as Gospel Gifs is cited, they grant broad permission to use their images not only in Church mailings but also on shirts, woodworking, bumper stickers, coffee cups, and other products. Their other restriction is in the redistribution of their work, which can only be done with expressed permission from webmaster Jim Sutton.

Free Christian Images provides a rarely-updated but decently-sized database of images and wallpapers. They ask that their images remain strictly non-profit, asking that they never be sold for any purpose. FCI also requests that downloaders not use their images as banners or other web site decorations.

Cool Clips is a secular source of Clip Art that includes a neatly organized collection of Christian imagery. Their categories include angels, crosses, Bibles, Jesus, Mary, clergy, doves, chalices, and miscellaneous Biblical imagery. This site provides custom and high-resolution artwork in addition to their free clipart databases.

Christians Unite provides a well-organized collection of clip art, particularly of Bible characters, holidays, and depictions of Jesus. The website appreciates any help on boosting its web traffic, so it requests a link if possible from those who benefit from the service.

Watton on the Web is similar to Christians Unite in its providing of an organized collection of Clip Art, particularly for Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter. They also host Christian artists Kathy Page and Thomas Scharbach, whose distinctive styles can add a sense of artistic unity to a project.

Though for-profit subscription services are available online, there is enough free religious clip art on the web to provide for the modest needs of newsletters and websites. Some services have mild favors to ask of their users, though none make any serious demands. Some sites even allow for their clip art to be reprinted for use in fundraisers and other non-profit ventures with a Christian purpose.

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I would like to inquire if you can list my free Christian clip art resources page which can be found here http://www.clipartlord.com/category/religious-clip-art/christian-clip-art/ on this page? Thanks!