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Free Online Christian Dating - A Guide to Free Online Christian Dating

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Major dating websites like eHarmony and Big Church provide Christian dating for a fee, but a number of free online Christian dating sites also exist to help Christians find like-minded individuals to share in love and worship. Many of these sites offer upgraded versions with additional features, but they still provide profiles and singles searches to their free members. Listed below are five free online Christian dating sites and an analysis of what they offer to their members.

Supported through partnership with eharmony and Christian Mingle, Christian Dating for Free provides a small but efficient system of free online Christian dating through its profiling system. Users answer base questions on denomination, interests, and physical description which are then shared with other users of the site. Overall, this is a basic dating web site with few frills and few headaches.

Christian Date features an intense yet strangely limiting profiling system. It prompts users to select an “interest circle” that subdivides them into single parents, movie/music fans, and the like. It also inquires about types of work and education, but the pull-down windows do not account for a very wide selection, and there is no “other” option. Selections are then assembled into a profile which can be read by other site members. For the most part, Christian Date is a quick and highly specific site that caters to systematic date searches.

Christian Lifestyle provides a lighthearted playfulness throughout. Its physical appearance section is particularly robust, with sections for tattoos and piercings, pets, and a “best feature” menu consisting of various body parts and facial features. The personality section opens with the question of who a user was in high school, with options ranging from “average joe” to “teacher’s pet.” Users can use the Flirt Selector 3000 to send a variety of scripted messages ranging from cheesy pick-up lines to a simple “you are cute.” In short, Christian Lifestyle is a fun and open-minded site with a lot of small, clever features.

Dating Disciples offers a free membership with limited features that is heavily focused on the Christian message. Forums provide an avenue for study, prayer, and worship, while daily audio scriptures and Bible study provide daily Christian learning along with the site’s dating functions. Spirituality is the first information that shows up when one clicks a profile on this site, reinforcing Dating Disciples’ usefulness as a resource for Christian relationships deeply grounded in Christ.

Unlike the sites above, Christian Passions is 100% free with no upgrade options or advertisements for other sites. Like Christian Lifestyle, it is a lighthearted site—a profiler can, for example, select “only blood” to their question on drinking, or “BRAINS!!!” to questions of apetite. The site is fairly secular, as it is one of a broad series of “Passions” websites dedicated to a variety of dating niches. Overall, it is a simple dating site that does not emphasize its Christian elements as much as others.

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