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Floor Cleaning Supplies - How to pick out the best floor cleaning supplies - Wood Floors, Tile Floors, Vacuuming and sweeping

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To pick out the best floor cleaning products, you need to look for the product appropriate for what type of floor you have. There are specialized cleaning products for wood, laminate, stone, ceramic, vinyl and carpet floors.

Some generalized cleaning products can be used, but when children and pets are around, it is good to use nontoxic cleaning products. Generalized cleaning products can be very helpful for keeping expenses down, so that you will not have to buy or use a specialized product for every surface in your house. There are some exceptions.

Wood Floors

If you have a wood floor, you will probably need a specialized cleaner, depending on the type of wood. You should always sweep or vacuum a wood floor prior to adding a wood cleaner.

Wood floor cleaners come in liquid and paste forms. Paste forms are not as good on laminate flooring. For stains on wood floors, you may need to use a solvent or chemicals to remove them. These chemicals remove the finish on the floor in order to clean the wood. After using them, you must re-apply finish to your floor. It is always good to read your wood floor cleaner label carefully to avoid damage to your wood.

Tile Floors

If you have a tile floor, you should avoid using vinegar, bleach, or dish washing detergent on your tile. These generalized products can damage it.

You can use a PH neutral tile cleaning product for daily cleaning. But if your tile is very dirty or even stained, you will need to use an alkaline tile cleaning product. These cleaning products react with acidic stains such that the particles causing the stain get lifted up and can be scrubbed away. You must reseal your tile after using an alkaline cleaning product.

The porous grout on a tile floor can get stains that are hard to clean, even with an alkaline cleaning solution. You can not use anything but an alkaline cleaning solution on stone tile installations. For porcelain and ceramic floors, you can use an acidic cleaner on the grout. These cleaners take off a micro layer of ground, and they expose the clean grout that exists underneath. So these cleaners should not be used too frequently because they will wear away the grout. Always follow acidic cleansing with an alkaline cleaning to neutralize the acid.

Vacuuming and sweeping

There are a variety of canister upright vacuum cleaners, as well as various shampoos and products for carpet floor cleaning, as well as other surfaces. Mid America Vacuum offers numerous vacuums and floor cleaning products. If you have pets, Miele offers a canister specifically for picking up cat and dog hair. Many tools and accessories can be added as well such as hoses, filters, and replaceable parts. Some attachments are universal. Whether you need a commercial or household vacuum, carefully pick out the vacuum with the capabilities and accessories you need. Koblenz offers a number of carpet floor cleaners for cleansing and stain removal.

Various hand brooms, sweepers, and push brooms are available. For scrubbing and cleaning, in general, you can use a duster, a hand broom with a dustpan, or even and old toothbrush to removed dirt and grime. If you decide to purchase a push broom for indoor cleaning, nylon is your best bet because it is generally more flexible then polyester, making it more suitable for smaller particles and smoother surfaces.
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