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Dvd Blank Media - All About DVD Blank Media - The Basics, How to Use Blank DVD Media, Where to Get Them

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Blank DVD media, or “DVD-R’s” as they are known, can be used for a great variety of computing tasks. They come from all different companies, and they have become extremely affordable. They offer a lot more storage capacity than a CD, which could typically only hold about 700 megabytes. A typical DVD, on the other hand, holds close to 5 gigabytes, which is seven times more than the CD.

Depending on the size of the package, DVD’s go for anywhere from about $1 apiece to lower than $0.25 per disc. This can also depend on whether or not jewel cases are included with the package – packages with jewel cases will cost significantly more. Packages can range from just one disc with jewel case to over 200 discs on a spindle.

You will see two kinds of blank discs – DVD-R and DVD-RW. The difference is that the DVD-R’s may only be recorded on once, while the DVD-RW’s are re-writeable, which means you can record and re-write data many times on the same disc. Of course, DVD-RW’s tend to be more expensive than DVD-R’s. but they can make up for this expense by multiple uses.

How to Use Blank DVD Media

In order to “burn” a DVD-R disc, you need to have a DVD burner on your computer. If you are not sure, look at the letters on the front of the disc tray. Does it say “DVD RW” or “DVD re-writeable” anywhere on it? If so, then you are in luck. If it just says CD-RW, though, you have a CD burner, not a DVD burner. Not to worry, though – you can always get a new DVD drive installed in your machine that will burn DVD’s.

Once you have the proper hardware, it is time to look at software. You need DVD burning software in order to burn discs. Top software makers include Nero and Roxio. You might also be able to find software already installed in your computer that can handle DVD burning, like Windows DVD Maker.

Open this software and insert a blank disc. Now you can add pictures, documents, videos, or whatever you would like to burn. After the burning process has started, do not use any other resource-intensive programs on your computer until it is done, and be sure not to take the disc out until the process is complete.

Where to Get Them

You can order blank DVD R media from many online office stores like Super Media Store, which are great for when you need a large bulk purchase. Or you can just head to any office supply or computer store. Shop around a while to find the best prices – sometimes blank DVD sales and rebates can make them incredibly cheap, but it usually takes some hunting, first! Try Staples, OfficeMax, BestBuy, or similar stores in your area.

What to Do With a Blank DVD

You can create a permanent backup of your important files, make a picture disc that holds thousands of digital pictures, or create a music disc with mp3’s. And of course, you can use them to burn video files, too! There are handy video editing tools that will let you edit your home movies and burn them to DVD’s, which can then be viewed in any DVD player. Try the above-mentioned Windows DVD Maker, which may already be installed in your system. Mac users have iMovie that will do the same thing. You are only limited by your own creativity!

That’s it for this guide to blank DVD R media. Have fun recording video memories, audio files, and important backup documents. If you need further help, you can find it on DVD packages, in the help menus of DVD burning software, or from a knowledgeable computer geek near you!

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