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Free Tarot Online - A Guide to Free Tarot Online

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Free online tarot readings are provided on many websites across the internet. Players usually begin by choosing a deck style and a spread, with most websites offering an explanation of the situations for which a spread is useful. Players then enter (or are prompted to consider) a question, at which point the spread is revealed and the cards explained in their most general fashion.

Certain sites add features to increase the intricacy and realism of their virtual tarot readings. Many sites, for example, allow users to pull reversed cards, which in traditional tarot creates altered meanings compared to cards drawn rightside-up. Other sites let users choose a significator—a single card used to represent the querent and color the overall reading.

Every website must sustain itself in some way, with many serving as resources for the purchase of tarot decks, kits, books, and other products.

Façade offers twenty decks and eleven spreads, with options for reversals and signicators. The site provides relevant information at every step of the reading, explaining which spreads are useful for which manner of question. Every card drawn is accompanied by a short description both of its position in the spread and its typical meaning.

Façade offers other playful divination services in addition to free tarot online: coin flips, bibliomancy (random passages from holy books), and runes just to name a few. It offers such games in part to promote its online store, which offers tarot decks and other fortune-telling tools. The site lays no claim to astrological insight and instead maintains that their services are for entertainment and light introspection.

New Age Store is another site that uses free tarot online to draw attention to its online store. This site offers nine spreads and one deck, with reversals automatically applied. What the site does offer is a card-drawing tool that lets users emulate the card-drawing process by laying them “face down” across the screen to be selected or shuffled via mouse clicks. The cards are positioned in the spread as they are drawn. When each card has been selected, the site then displays an interpretation.

Though New Age Store does not let players pick a significator for a reading, they do provide tools for helping users decide which card should represent them. Their What Tarot Card Are You? function can select one based on birthdate- or name-based numerology.

Lotus Tarot provides a very basic tarot reading with only one spread—the universal six card spread. Like at the New Age Store, users can shuffle and select cards with their mouse. When the cards are selected, their conventional reading is then displayed. There are no reversal or significators.

Lotus Tarot mostly serves as an advertisement for its staff of psychics, tarot readers, numerologists, and astrologists available for live chat at rates ranging from $1.99/minute to $18.60/minute.

Llewellyn is another online tarot store that offers easy-to-use and well-developed free tarot online. The landing page is quite nice, guiding user selection from nine decks, seven spreads, and reversals. Once the reading is given, Llewellyn provides descriptions of each card’s meaning but not much information about its position in the spread.

Llewellyn publishes a wide variety of tarot and divination products, including astrological calendars, incense, tarot books, and the like.

Tarot Goddess may only offer four spreads and four decks, but the site cleverly emulates real-life readings by requiring more user involvement. Rather than displaying the final reading as a wall of text, this free tarot online explains the position of the spread, then asks the user to turn the card over with a mouse click. Only then does it display the meaning. The other cards in the spread are similarly revealed.

Tarot Goddess sustains itself with advertising revenue and a few sales made through Amazon. It receives 150,000 hits per month—more than enough to justify its existence.

This is not an exhaustive list of online tarot services, but it covers the most well-trafficked sites and the key features which one can expect from free tarot online.

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