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As cellular phones become more and more like small personal computers, the demand for free cell games has grown. This demand is met by a variety of sites, ranging from phone-specific websites to searchable databases. This article will only review combination sites that provide free cell games for multiple phones.

The single greatest technical issue for free cell games is compatibility—games are written for individual phones, requiring that users only download content appropriate to the phone which they own. Any good web site for free cell games will be clearly organized so that users can quickly locate games that match their platform.

Genre is also an important tool for finding the right games. A site that piles action, RPG, and puzzle games together with no organization makes it difficult for players to find the game that suits their tastes, wasting time as they click through page after page of games.

Many but not all free gaming sites also include forums for their users to share opinions on games and troubleshoot. If selecting a site for long-term use, it may be beneficial to lean toward a free cell game site with an active forum community.

Mobile Rated is a robust free cell games site featuring a forum and a graphic-aided cell phone selection that serves as a filter in finding games. Their Mobile Rated developer program encourages its members to share games of their own and assists them with distribution. A rating and review system allows for high quality contributions to gain notice while shoddy projects are left to collect dust in the Mobile Rated database.

Hovr provides a robust forum and easy-to-navigate cell phone/game selection. They encourage an active community by offering occasional prizes for playing featured games, and the forums include a friending system that alerts users to new posts and birthdays among their forum friends.

Mobile Heart may not feature a forum, but they offer a wide variety cell phone related services in addition to their game database. Themes, wallpapers, screensavers, and utility software are all available at Mobile Heart, sorted as with similar sites by the user’s model of phone. The site is fueled by advertising revenue, so it is fairly forward in linking users to cell phone reviews and product sites.

Zedge combines the community aspects of Mobile Rated and Hovr with the utility options of Mobile Heart. The site requires users to register before downloading content, but the registration process includes cell phone selection to filter incompatible products. Android phones are particularly well-represented at Zedge, though their collection of other free cell games is by no means underdeveloped. Zedge also includes forums from which users can compare their mobile phone experiences.

For a simple site, Game Jump provides a no-frills collection of games. The site is advertisement-free, forum-free, and utility-free, making it a “pure” free cell games site. Phone selection is easily accessible through a button on the right side of the screen, and the rest of the site consists solely of game searching and browsing.

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