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Automotive Security Systems - The Types of Automotive Security Systems and Auto Alarms and the Benefits They Provide

auto alarm systems

There are a number of security systems that can help to prevent auto theft, auto damage, and can help to locate car once it has been stolen despite the security system. Some of the auto security systems are simple physical installations such as a bar that can be locked onto the steering wheel or a boot that fits on one of the tires to make it impossible to drive. Such systems, however, can be disabled or removed by a truly determined thief. There is also still an opportunity for the thief to take parts off the automobile and leave the security system and the auto behind. Hub caps can be taken, stereo and CD systems removed, tires taken, hood ornaments and other parts can disappear and the auto left behind with its security system still in place.

Other security systems are electronic or radio controlled. When a thief tries to invade the auto, an alarm sounds off and a global positioning system goes into operation to track the auto. Auto security systems that have a motion sensor can trigger an alarm when someone comes too near to the vehicle. The downside of this feature is that a bird or a cat touching the car or coming near it can also trigger the alarm. Even a stiff breeze can make the alarm sound, startling you and taking you away from a dinner with friends at the height of a pleasant evening. Some alarm systems offer automated calls to the police when the car is tampered with. Loud alarms are a great deterrent: the loud repetitious blare will definitely get the attention of everyone without hearing range, and make it very difficult for any thief or vandal to do the acts they intended to do without witnesses.

Beyond prevention of theft and damage and locating stolen autos, auto security systems and auto alarms also offer benefits in the form of reductions in auto insurance premiums. Most auto insurance companies realize the benefits of such systems through the protections they offer, so the insurance companies reward the auto owner with lower premiums. Their view is that there is a lower probability of the auto being damaged or stolen and if it is, then it has a higher probability of being recovered. This means that the likelihood of the insurance provider having to pay replacement value is greatly diminished.

Auto alarms are one of two basic types: active or passive. With active alarm systems, the auto owner must press a button to activate the system. With a passive system, the alarm is armed automatically when the ignition is off and all the doors are closed. There are many makers of auto alarms, from Bulldog to Clifford, and vendors of auto alarms offer global satellite (GSM), manual, remote, or two way systems. One of the best deterrents about auto alarms is not just the sound, but a simple blinking light. One savvy auto owner has said that installing a blinking light in the dashboard may deceive the thief into believing that an electronic or remote alarm is installed, and the thief will pass up the vehicle to find one without such a light. This is a clever deception, but for solid protection, an alarm coupled with a tracking system will ensure that the chance of theft is less and the chance of recovery is greater.

The variety of auto security and alarm systems includes the passive automatic alarm system, the active alarm system set by the owner, electronic immobilizing systems that require a code entry to disarm them and to enable the auto to be used, electronic tracking systems such as OnStar, Tracker, MayDay or Rescu, key-less electronic entry, kill switches, pagers linked by phone, steering column collars which prevent hot-wiring, steering wheel locks such as LoJack, Tire Locks such as the “Boot”, window identification number etchings, and last but the most clever and cheapest of all, the simple blinking light that can be installed for about $20. A really cautious owner might want to use a combination of these available systems, including the physical, electronic, remote and identification types. Autos are expensive, after all, and automotive security and auto alarm systems can protect your big investment.

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