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How To Make Computer Faster - Tips on How to Make Your Computer Run Faster

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Does your computer run so slow you have flashbacks to the days of dialup? If your computer is less than five years old and you have a high speed internet connection, there are many easy solutions on how to make computer faster.

*How to Make Computer Faster: Clear Disk Space
The latest 2010 computer models feature ridiculous amounts of space but an older computer might be bogged down with limited space. It’s easy to clear up unwanted file with a disk cleanup tool. You can free up space and discover more ways how to make a computer faster. Windows users can find a disk cleaning tool by opening the all programs tab, clicking on accessories then system tools and disk cleaner. Follow the instructions to clear space. Here a short list of what you can do with a disk cleaner tool:

•Remove downloads you no longer use
•Erase temporary Internet files
•Uninstall programs you don’t use
•Remove Windows temporary files
•Empty the recycle bin

*How to Make Computer Faster: Defragment files
PCs come with a utility programs to deal with fragmented files. Fragmentation takes a long time because your computer keeps searching for parts of files to put back together. All of these files are on the hard disk and serve to really slow down connection time. Try to defrag files on a regular basis. Disk defragmenter is in the same place on your computer; go to the system tools for access. Try to defrag between regular schedule times if you install a new program, add a huge number of files or you free disk space is limited.

*How to Make Computer Faster: Spyware and Anti-virus
It seems obvious that computers required protection from infection. Different computer bugs infect computers and wipe out entire files. A virus can actually kill your computer—as in it no longer works. Protect your computer by installing an anti-virus program. You will protect your computer and make it faster. When you log in to other sites requiring passwords and other information, spyware can lift your information. Free software to protect against spyware is available on line. Install a spyware guard to keep your information private and speed up your computer.

*How to Make Computer Faster: Repair and Maintenance
As easy way to increase computer speed is to keep up with repairs. Simply schedule your computer to run a maintenance check on a regular basis. Depending on volume of use, every other week or every month is usually reasonable. When it is finished running the program, check the report for details. Follow listed recommendation and your computer speed will increase. Once you finish running a maintenance program, restart your computer.

*How to Make Computer Run Faster: Program Installation
If hard drive space is limited, consider purchasing an external hard drive. Even a thumb drive can hold some programs. Avoiding installation of new programs on your :C drive

Other simple ways on how to make a computer run faster include making sure all your programs are up to date and remembering to reboot after repairs or installations. Adding RAM is another way to help increase speed.

Be cautious when removing shared files. You don’t want to eliminate a valuable document placed in shared storage. If you plan to buy a registry cleaner, anti-virus, spyware or other type of software, check on reviews of the product. For nearly every valid product available on line, there are scam versions waiting to take advantage of gullible computer users.

Once you try these tips on how to make computers run faster, you should notice an improved speed. If not, maybe it is time to invest in a new computer if you can’t accept the slow status. If you don’t feel confident in completing these steps to speed up your computer, ask a friend for help. There is no need to pay a professional service to improve the speed of your computer. They usually perform the same tasks you could do on your own for free.

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