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New Homes Dallas - Tips on New Homes in Dallas

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The big ‘D’ in Dallas could stand for deals on new houses in the Dallas market. As the crash in the real estate market shows signs of recovery, this might be your best chance to buy a new home in Dallas.

With the median sales price of $82,789 for homes sold in Dallas in the quarter ending July 31, 2010 it is still a great time to invest in new homes. Dallas’ market showed a 9% jump in price compared to the last quarter which means the market might be in an upturn.

That’s good news for buyers and sellers. Buyers can select from a huge inventory of new homes Dallas offers and get a bargain price in a market that appears to promise a solid return for your investment. The size of the bargain varies depending on the Dallas suburb for the new home. A wild range of different new home prices exits between suburbs. The medium price in Highland Park bounces upward of 1.3 million dollars while Lancaster’s average is $97,500.

Builders in Dallas and the suburbs are buying up lots to build more new homes. The process builders label as “teardown homebuilding” lost some momentum but it is on a roll again in the summer of 2010. Teardown construction refers to property with an older home on the lot being bulldozed to make room for new construction.

The Forest Hills area has benefitted from teardown housing with new homes already displaying sold signs in the front yards. One Dallas housing analyst noted that a few teardown markets are struggling but many hot markets exist. The East Dallas areas including Lakewood and the M Streets are on the move along with several other pockets of growth.

Within the city limits of Dallas proper, 2010 marks the highest rate of new home construction since the first quarter in 2008. Areas in East Dallas, the Park Cities, North Dallas and Lakewood saw increased construction coupled with fewer vacant homes. The surplus supply of inventory is dwindling—an encouraging sign for the new homes in the Dallas housing market as well as the real estate market in general.

A number of home builders in the Dallas area agree that there aren’t as many perspective buyers looking for the new homes Dallas offers, but they say the buyers who are looking are serious buyers.

If you are planning a move to the Dallas, TX area, don’t over look new homes Dallas has listed. Some new houses are better deals than older homes on the market. They are also more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

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