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Mens Leather Slippers - How to Choose Mens Leather Slippers

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You have probably heard of the famous glass slipper worn by Cinderella. But, are you up to date with other important slipper stories? You should be. Just like the Prince in the fairy tale, most men are looking for the perfect fit in mens leather slippers. As experts advised the Prince long ago, if the slipper fits—then wear it.

Men’s slippers come in just about any material except glass. Mens leather slippers tend to be more comfortable and last longer than the average glass slipper anyway. Plus, the variety of style in mens leather slippers would make even Cinderella and her Prince Charming jealous.

Mens leather slippers come in styles to fit the personality of the man who wears the slippers. Men wear scuffs, moccasins and even bootie slippers. Like a special blanket or a favorite T-shirt, most guys pick their favorite mens leather slippers and wear the same pair until they are no longer wearable. That’s one reason why leather is preferred over other materials. Real leather is not only comfortable; it is durable and lasts a long time.

For the adventurous type, a man might chose two pair of mens leather slippers to switch slippers for indoor/outdoor, formal/informal, single/married or other specific uses and occasions. For example, a rugged out-doorsy type guy planning to entertain a woman at his apartment might choose a pair of mens leather slippers in a dark-colored scuff. Scuffs feature an open back and allow some skin to show. They are easy to kick off quickly. A nice pair of leather scuffs trimmed with sheepskin or suede makes a good choice when sharing time with someone special.

A cozier style of mens leather slippers, the moccasin, is a version of the typical popular slipper made in a wide-range of prices. High-end mens leather slippers by Uggs for Men can cost at least a Benjamin, but believers think the ultra slipper is well worth the cost. The Australian designed slippers come in basic black leather or a fashionable fall tan. One popular style in this royal price range offers a moccasin-type slide appropriate for indoor or outdoor use and quite acceptable as a more formal choice compared to a scuff slipper. Other high-end designer slippers are available on the world-wide web, in boutiques or designer shops.

For those guys who aren’t quite confident enough to wear slipper-looking slippers in public, mens leather slippers in boot styles are a great choice. Sturdy enough to pass for a real shoe, a bootie slipper with a rubber sole fits the bill. One word of caution regarding mens leather slippers with rubber soles: avoid dragging your feet on hard wood floors as the rubber sole grip can cause you to suddenly ‘stick’ and lose your balance. If that happens, just act like you did it on purpose with the intention of showing your friends the great traction in your bootie slippers.

It doesn’t really matter if you exist on a prince or peasant salary, mens leather slippers come with a price tag to match most income levels. More important than price, make sure you find a slipper than fits just right to match your style. A nice cozy slipper can make you feel like royalty. You can find slippers in department stores and on line.

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