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Masters Health Administration - What Careers Require a Masters in Health Administration?

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If you are looking for job security, you might want to consider an advanced degree in health administration. Administrators in the healthcare industry are already in high demand in a field that is growing rapidly. Earning a masters in health administration qualifies you for at least 100 different job titles.

A masters health administration degree doubles the salary compared to a bachelors degree. That’s one defining aspect of the job. Other than that, a masters health administration degree doesn’t come with many other qualifiers. While you are earning an advanced degree there will be several “yet to be determined” aspects of your job description.

A long list of variables needs to considered before you know what jobs you can land with a masters health administration degree. What influences the specific career and job description for a person with a masters health administration degree?

1. It depends on the type of facility. Working in a medical clinic, hospital, retirement home, government facility and many other types of places impacts salary and job description.

2. It depends on the size of the facility. Small clinics often pool dentists, doctors and others who are organized by a health administrator in charge of schedules, accounting or a wide range of other responsibilities. A large hospital has layers of administrators ranging from chief executive, assistants to the chief, directors of each department, supervisors for specialties and many more.

3. The field also determines specifics in your job. An orthopedic clinic needs an administrator and so does a large wellness program. Specialized fields often make a big difference in pay and job duties.

4. Location is important. What area of the country? Is it a rural or urban area? The cost of living is higher in some parts of the country and wages tend to be higher as well. Urban centers usually pay higher wages and administrators work in specialized fields. Rural areas often use an administrator to pull several health professions under one umbrella.

A masters in health administration degree might indicate a job in marketing, financial analysis, health policy formulation or quality assessment. You might land a job in informatics or health care ethics. Chief executive officers, department directors and company directors are a few more job titles related to healthcare administration. Marketing directors, contract negotiators, ancillary care supervisors and ambulatory managers all land their jobs with the qualification of healthcare administrator. There is no way of knowing all the details in a particular job field until you decide on a specific role in a specific area in the health industry.

In any case, you will have a job. That seems quite likely. Baby Boomers place heavy demands on the industry as they grow older. New titles and job descriptions continue to develop. One mandate in the health care industry might require an entirely new job title in the work force.

For example, the act of changing the entire patient management system from hard copy to electronic files is a huge task. A hospital administrator would be responsible for overseeing the whole project of digitizing files. That person might be responsible for securing the system, for inspecting the system, for doing quality checks. According to the Department of Labor, health services will require an additional 3.5 million jobs within the next 10 years. Salaries in the field are predicted to increase by 28%.

If you plan to earn a masters in health administration you should be prepared to make crucial decisions quickly. You must be someone who can solve problems and work effectively with diverse groups of people. You should sincerely enjoy working with people and be effective at building positive relationships with professionals, the community, patients, workers and a host of others.

It takes a certain type of personality to succeed as a health administrator. Healthcare administrators almost always supervise other people. You might need to work crazy hours and solve problems in the middle of the night.

If you can handle the diversity, be flexible and tough yet empathetic, then check out what it takes to get a masters in health administration.


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