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Camping Hiking Gear - Tips on Camping Hiking Gear

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You’ve probably seen stories on the news about hikers stranded in subzero temperatures or lost in the wilderness without a directional device. Your choice in camping hiking gear could make the difference between the experience of a challenging adventure or a nightmare horror story.

The amount of research and money you invest in camping hiking gear should be a direct reflection of your destination. If you are planning a back to nature trip by yourself in a pristine mountain setting in Canada, you probably want to make sure your camping hiking gear is spot on. On the other hand, if you are taking the kids to your parent’s farm to explore a pasture, you probably don’t need to spend a fortune on professional gear.

Camping hiking gear essentials for any given area start with a basic list. After the basic list is filled, continue with individual needs and wants. Just remember if you are carrying supplies in a backpack you want to avoid unnecessary items. What seems light when you set out in the morning gets very heavy before you get back to camp at night.

Basic supplies for camping hiking gear start with a good map and a compass. If you have an emergency, rescuers need a pinpointed location. A flashlight or headlamp strapped to your head or attached to a cap is also essential. Take a first-aid kit, a pocket knife, matches (waterproof) and fire starter. You will need to pack water, a filter and a water bottle as well as food and clothing. Don’t forget to take sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent depending on the location. Take a whistle as a way to alert someone of your whereabouts.

In addition to the basic list, you need to consider your individual circumstances and plan accordingly. If you are an inexperienced hiker, you should never go alone. Some skills are obtained only through experience and common sense. Consider the length of your trail, the type of terrain you’ll be hiking on, the weather conditions, wildlife in the area and the water supply. Each of those items might require additional camping hiking gear.

When you set out to shop for necessary camping hiking gear, listen to the recommendation of experienced hikers. They are more qualified than a salesman to tell you what brands worked or did not work for them. Trusted brand names offer a good starting point but it’s still necessary to read comments and feedback about specific products. Just because you opt for the spendiest equipment does not mean it is the best equipment.

Start with a day trip and gradually add to your hiking adventures. As long as you pack the appropriate gear and know how to use it, your journey should be enjoyable.

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