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Puerto Rico Vacation Packages - Tips on Puerto Rico Vacation Packages

inclusive tourist san resort

Puerto Rico vacation packages offer the safety of popular tourist destinations as well as the mystery of secluded beaches. Vacation packages typically include the cost of the flight and hotel. When you travel to Puerto Rico, try to barter for a car rental to be included in your package price. Without your own vehicle you will need to rely on public transportation. Many secluded areas and some of the most spectacular sights are not on the routes of public buses.

Puerto Rico vacation packages feature a diverse selection of resort locations throughout the island. The city of San Juan offers authentic island experiences. The capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, reflects the rich history of the country through its many museums and distinct architecture. The Latin flavor of the laid back lifestyle is well represented in San Juan’s nightlife.

If you are going to Puerto Rico during carnivale or other festival times, you should include Ponce in your Puerto Rico vacation package. Festivals and celebrations in Ponce are among the biggest event spectacles held in Puerto Rico.

In contrast to popular vacation packages outside of the country, Puerto Rico’s choices for all-inclusive package deal are almost non-existent. Currently, only one resort on the outskirts of San Juan has an all-inclusive option. The Paradisus resort has an exclusive pool and a close location to beaches. The all-inclusive package takes care of the hotel and 3 meals a day. It doesn’t cover tips. Guests are somewhat restricted on alcoholic beverages as well as some of the activities offered by the resort. In other words, all-inclusive has a different meaning for Puerto Rico vacation packages because they are not all-inclusive at all.

Visitors returning to the area often book Puerto Rico vacation packages with a few customized options allowing for individual choices. Some places outside of the typical tourist realm require a ferry or a small plane to get from one destination to the next.

Experienced visitors often schedule different cities and resorts and the necessary transportation well in advance in the form of a package deal. The best way to get a feel for the culture is to immerse yourself in society while you are a visitor. You need to venture away from tourist areas into more of the local scene if you plan to experience the true lifestyle.

Puerto Rico vacation packages can get you around the country efficiently for less money. Be careful that your package deal doesn’t limit your adventure to tourist sites and predictable activities. Be aware of limitations on the all-inclusive offering in Puerto Rico as it is rather deceiving.

To insure the most enjoyable experience, prepare for your Puerto Rico vacation well in advance. Do some research to become familiar with areas of interest and figure out where you might want to drive. Talk to others who have traveled to Puerto Rico and ask for their recommendations.

Be careful not to overlook the legal paperwork. If you don’t have a travel visa, apply early. It often takes much longer than anticipated.

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