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White Topaz Rings - Tips on White Topaz Rings

cleaning diamond precious stone

If you prefer expensive looking rings without paying the big bucks, consider white topaz rings. The cost of topaz is lower than other precious gems making a great bargain for a classy looking ring.

Topaz is often mistakenly thought to be a yellowish, gold colored stone but a pure topaz stone has no color. The best clear white topaz sparkles with fire and can closely resemble a diamond. Unless you have stacks of money to spare, why pay top-end prices for diamond rings when white topaz rings boast many of the same qualities for a fraction of the cost?

White topaz rings with settings from South American are usually the highest quality. White topaz is available on every continent but museum quality collections of white topaz are found mostly in South America. Brazil provides exclusive quality white topaz to create spectacular white topaz rings, earrings and necklaces.

White topaz rings are highly popular as a diamond alternative for April birthstones. The diamond similarities also make the precious gem an excellent alternative for those who cannot afford the expense of diamond rings for engagements and weddings. When white topaz is cleanly split from the proper angle along the cleavage line of the stone, the cut can make an impressive setting for high quality white topaz rings and other pieces of jewelry rivaling the sheen of any precious gem.

Taking care of white topaz rings—or any rings with precious gems, is important. Like most jewelry, it is best to take it off when participating in contact sports, yard work, car repairs or any tasks that might cause a hard impact to the setting of the ring. Even household chores like doing dishes or cleaning with bleach or ammonia products can damage precious stones. Although white topaz is a hard stone, diamond and sapphire precious gems are even harder and can cause damage to a white topaz setting.

Regular cleaning is recommended for clear gem stones including white topaz. It’s best to avoid exposure to extremely high temperatures and lengthy periods of bright light. Keep white topaz rings and necklaces wrapped in a soft cloth to keep the gems protected from exposure that could make the stone a darker color.

You can clean white topaz rings by simply soaking your hand in dishwashing liquid followed by gently loosening any buildup with a soft toothbrush. Run clear water over the ring to rinse away any residue. Without regular cleaning topaz stones can lose some their sheen due to grease or dust coating. It is okay to use a commercial product for jewelry cleaning but it is best to avoid ultrasonic cleaning machines. A yearly professional cleaning from your local jeweler is a good option to ensure the best possible sparkle for white topaz.

White topaz rings present the luster and sparkle of higher priced stones at budget friendly prices. White topaz makes a great choice for a setting when you want a great ring at a great price.

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over 5 years ago

i got some two white but very hard stones in their natural state, one is oval and the other round, i want to know if its a diamond or not