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Top Video Rentals - How to Find Top Video Rentals

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If you are a movie junkie who can’t wait for the butter to melt for the popcorn before you slide in the next DVD, stay up to date in your viewing experience. Be prepared to discuss the pros and cons of the hottest new rental releases by viewing top video rentals.

The first step in maintaining status as a movie buff on the latest trends on the big screen is to make sure your idea of the top video rentals is similar to the industry listing of top video rentals. Simply refer to an objective source like the Internet Movie Data Base website or another movie site to check out the top rentals any given week.

If you have an immediate desire to uncover the top ten video rentals, it only takes a couple clicks. According to Rentrak, The Bounty Hunter, Hot Tub Machine, Brooklyn’s Finest, The Crazies, Our Family Wedding, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning, Thief, The Book of Eli, She’s Out of My League, When in Rome and Green Zone were top video rentals for the week ending July 31.

Top video rentals regarding geographic markets and types of movies are also available. You can customize options to discover the top comedy video rentals of any other genre of top video rentals you are interested in viewing. Many sites also provides information on rates and places to buy the videos. Chain movie rental stores, movie magazines and a long list of other sources post weekly top video rentals easily accessible.

If you have no interest in building shelves to stack DVD movie purchases, top video rentals are almost always readily available at local movie rental stores at reasonable rates. The trendy Red Box rental rate of a dollar is a popular option for movie viewers. There is no paper work or rental contract involved. On the other hand, there is no assurance a particular title will always be available when you have the urge to watch it.

Many movie buffs take advantage of their local cable, satellite or direct TV provider as a source of viewing the latest top video rentals. Known as pay per view, new releases downloaded in the comfort of your living room on your television often costs a dollar or two more than the price at your local movie rental store. Depending on your urge to get out of the house, drive to the rental store, mingle with the crowds and stand in line to rent the titles of interest, the extra buck might not seem too out of line.

Top video rentals and all things movie rental/home viewing venues have enjoyed a jump in numbers. It seems that in a downward economy movie viewers are willing to sacrifice the high ticket price of the popcorn at movie theaters without sacrificing the movie itself by renting new releases.

As far as the economy is concerned, you never know when viewing all those top video rentals might come in handy. Contestants on games shows and in trivia contests collect winnings due to their broad base of movie viewing. At the very least, you can hold your own when discussing topics such as potential academy award winners or recommend a valid thumbs up or thumbs down when friends ask for your input.

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