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Green Bay Tickets - Ways to Find Green Bay Packers Tickets

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What were you doing in the fall of 1961? That’s the last time a Green Bay Packers game was not sold out. If you are looking for Green Bay tickets you are not alone. There is a long list of diehard fans in search of the same prize.

Green Bay tickets can be obtained from time to time through a variety of means. It takes a combination of a certain amount of luck, being in the right place at the right time, your ability to network, a large amount of time and energy and your sense of timing before you can get your hands on a pair of Green Bay tickets. If all else fails, large amounts of money can sometimes accomplish the task.

Beginning with the large amounts of money option, Green Bay tickets are available at ticket resellers for amounts far exceeding the face value of the $72 box seat ticket price charged by the Packers. These ticket resellers are legal whereas other forms of scalping tickets is not legal in most states and in some areas near Lambeau Field. Ticket resellers advertise on line and have store fronts in some areas. If you go to the Packers’ home page, to Packer Fan Tours or Events USA, ticket resellers are listed.

Still on the topic of large amounts of money, fans desperate to get Green Bay tickets for big games like rivalries with the Minnesota Vikings can often be purchased through scalpers lurking around the facility a few hours before game time. If you are patient, prices drop after kick off.

In some cases, scalpers recruit potential customers immediately after a game with tickets for a future game. Green Back mandates that scalpers are licensed so ask for identification if you become desperate enough to use a scalper. Not everyone follows the letter of that law so you could be scammed. There are no guarantees when dealing with scalped tickets. That loss could be filed under “A fool and his money soon parted…”

If you are more interested in taking on the challenge of hunting down Green Bay tickets in a more ethical manner, always check the home page of the Packers and access Ticketmaster each day about a week to 10 prior to sold out (in other words, all) games. Sometimes tickets become available when visiting teams don’t use their allotment for a game at Lambeau Field. The Packers put those tickets up for sale on Ticketmaster.com as soon as they are surrendered. It might sound strange to Packer fans, but fans from some teams might not think sitting in frigid temperatures in the great outdoors on a snowy Sunday in December is that much of a good time.

Once in a while season ticket holders opt not to use their preferred status to purchases post season Green Bay tickets. As ticket holders they can surrender their priority tickets back to be resold at Ticketmaster. A new system even allows season ticket holders to forward tickets to another party. Again, check on line or by phone about a week before a game to see if any tickets are available. You could also check with Packer Fan Tours for ticket information through Events USA.

If you desire to become a season ticket holder so you will never have to worry about how to get Green Bay tickets ever again, put your name on the waiting list for season tickets. Of course you might have to wait awhile—as in at least 30 years! Recently retired ticket operations supervisor, Carol Edwin said over 78,000 were on the list at the end of last season.

Yet another option in search of the elusive Green Bay tickets is to put an ad in your local newspaper. If you plead just right, someone might offer a ticket. You can place free ads on Craig’s list and similar sites or check on auction sites like e-Bay where tickets are often sold to the highest bidder.

If you would rather not spend your children’s college fund to buy Green Bay tickets, you can always join friends at a local establishment and watch the big game on television while you wait in line for season tickets.

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